Magic Hour

Magic Hour

An epiphany sends a Greek cuckold on a road trip through the countryside with a desk clerk who moonlights as an undertaker.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Greek
  • Reference:Imdb
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Magic Hour torrent reviews

Jayden (nl) wrote: this is a really good movie!

Tim M (us) wrote: Fans of silent films, old French films and film production seen to enjoy it. I couldn't resist because it has Cheung in a catsuit. Maggie's great, especially when she's "slinking around the corridors of her hotel in her sheath of shiny black latex to the dissonant chords of Sonic Youth". The entire movie seems like a bland "making of" documentary. Good experimental short at the end, but mostly it's a mid-90's "behind the scenes" of a film where the director loses his mind and the lead is recast.

Scott A (br) wrote: Watching this again, I had seen this at some point before.Basically about a trio of people that rob a bank and can't seem to get out of New York afterwards.I honestly think it was a perfect movie during the first third dealing with Murray as a clown robbing a bank. He is hilarious and the way he does his business his funny.But the film starts to lose something when it just becomes what horrible thing will keep them from getting to the airport is next. And when they all start fighting it really isn't any fun anymore.Kurtwood Smith, Tony Shalhoub and Jason Robards are a lot of fun in supporting roles.

Oai G (nl) wrote: this is how we chinese think about ghosts :). and they do like to jump around HAHA!Great movie (ps: even better if you understand Cantonese)

Daniel D (us) wrote: Kicking back and watching some old school stuff today. Let me know if you know this movie.

Scott R (de) wrote: A happy feel good musical. Great performances and dancing.

Mark D (nl) wrote: Idyllic and patriotic vision of America on the frontier and acquisition of freedom.

Brian K (kr) wrote: Largely thanks to the talented cast's easy-going repartee, this movie confounds a good way.

Valentin G (kr) wrote: This movie shows us in an excellent way, how Nelson Mandela managed to unite South Africa, after apartheid through the Rugby World Cup. Clint Eastwood knows how to direct this kind of films and this kind of actors. 8/10

Joseph B (mx) wrote: Wes Anderson films are some of the most beautiful, enjoyable ever put on camera. It's undeniable when you see an Anderson film. "Rushmore" opened the doors for Anderson with the critics, and it is a great film. The only problems are that it's a bit uneven. It tells the coming of age story of Max Fischer through roughly four to five months. His loves, his triumphs, his failures.The film opens with the math teacher being asked about a math question so impossible that if any one of his students were to solve it, they will never have to open another math book for the rest of their lives. The teacher asks Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) to take a crack at it, he puts down his newspaper and walks up to the board and gets it right to tremendous applause by his classmates only to wake up. This sets the audience up to believe he is one of the most intelligent kids at the prep school Rushmore only to find out that he is one of the worst students at the school. He is at risk of being expelled.Max may be one of the worst students but he finds a lot of time for extracurricular studies as either presidents or founder. His ambition far exceeds his actual intelligence. He is only fifteen and comes from a modest background. His father is a barber and his mother is dead. He got a academic scholarship to the school for writing a play when he was 7. He impresses everyone he meets, including the father of his classmates named Herman Bluthe (Bill Murray). Blume and Max become friends.Max also meets new teacher Rosemary Cross, a widower whose husband went to Rushmore years ago before meeting her. Max develops a crush on her and soon, so does Bluthe. The two then fight for her affection before Max is kicked out of school and she dumps Bluthe. The rest of the film involves Max making up with Bluthe and trying to win her back for him while trying to make public school a little more like Rushmore.Seymour Cassel plays Bert Fischer, Max's loving father who is such an absolutely wonderful man that it's a shame he wasn't in the film more. He supports his son through every endeavor and imagines huge things for him. Even when Max drops out of school and starts to apprentice with his Dad, Bert still wants the best, but on Max's terms. He may be overwhelmed raising a kid on his own, but he is such a great guy.This film works not only as a great introduction to Anderson's style, but the starting point for the Bill Murray/indie relationship that would eventually land him his only Oscar nomination to date.