Tommy, un petit garçon qui vit seul avec sa mère, voit un cirque s'installer près de chez lui. Il part à la découverte de ce nouveau monde. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Magique! torrent reviews

Sandra M (it) wrote: What a little gem of an Indie movie. Superb acting, Toni Collette made me laugh and cry. A lovely surprise cameo at the end. A super cool flick, loved it.

Cornelius Y (fr) wrote: I adored this movie. I plan to buy it as soon as possible. Beethoven reminds me of a college professor that I have, especially when he criticizes Anna's boyfriend's work and then does him a favor by destroying it.

Jennifer L (au) wrote: The importance of keeping a child's life sacred, whether it's planned or not.

Thomas P (fr) wrote: Dude, what's with all the bad ratings on seagal movies?

Chris C (gb) wrote: House of Games has a brilliant plot that felt like it would work better in a book, and falls a little flat in film. The dialog delivery felt unnatural, like it was being read directly from the pages of a novel. The acting seemed forced and downright terrible at times, especially in the first 20 minutes. The characters, dialog and acting were so stiff that I almost walked away from this movie after the first 10 minutes.That said, I'm glad I didn't walk away from it. As the story and plot unfolds, and the characters (slowly) begin to develop, the movie begins to get much more interesting, albeit predictable. House of Games started with a definite "this is going to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen" sentiment, but ended up finishing feeling like cult classic material (take that as you will) - neither forgettable nor unforgettable.

jay n (gb) wrote: Solid suspenser with a some surprises along the way.