Magistrarna på sommarlov

Magistrarna på sommarlov


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Carsten J (it) wrote: intens spndningfilm, og gode action scener :-)

Jayden C (mx) wrote: this looks alright it seems like a good movie i wouldnt mind seeing dis!

Caoimhe Q (jp) wrote: was not a fan of the handheld camera quality but surprisingly some parts of it did creep my out. I'm not really sure where the comedy comes in either besides the concept.

Joel D (mx) wrote: Elite Squad is an extremely atmospheric and brutal depiction of the day to day of the Brazilian Favela's which despite its watchability factor is undone substantially by a truly haphazard screenplay which causes the viewer to feel more disgust with the leading characters than any sympathy even on a developing level.

Jodi V (de) wrote: Becareful when inviting neighbours for

Edgar C (gb) wrote: NO, NO, NO NO NO NOOOO!!! What a repulsive, sickening, superficial, false, clichd, overacted, horribly written, awfully paced and immature film. Are we supposed to swallow at the end not only a marriage that was built on lies, but also that now it is the turn's wife to cheat? He never deserved forgiveness. The fact that he "grew up" and learned the importance of faithfulness, and her daughter being the most beautiful girl she had ever seen because she resembled her wife and all of that unbelievable and far-fetched affirmations, goes beyond any possible belief. Welcome to a roller-coaster full of exaggerated emotions, irrationality, non-existent humor and a set of Italian moral values which claims that:- Having sex with a lover, telling your pregnant wife to her face that you did not have sex with her and that you didn't do anything beyond a kiss, is OK.- The only way in which you can find "a meaning in your life" is variety and the evasion of monotony: a) escaping from your house, b) abandoning your family and c) traveling through the world with no previous calculation of the possible consequences, like if everything would turn out all right.But of cooouuurrsseee!! We are not supposed to take everything so seriously because this is a comedy, right? Ha! Since when comedies stopped being transmitter of values to society? You gotta be kidding to yourself. That's the typical western mentality. This film only achieved to emphasize that the only process of growth that men can have is being unfaithful once so that they can realize the true value of their wives as women and as human beings with feelings. No wonder why women today think that all men are the same, which is a lie.I hate you, Muccino! The reason I saw this was that I was expecting something valuable in your Italian roots considering how bad were your overtly-sentimental Will Smith "drama" films. Well, who would say you had done better in Hollywood? Damn!36/100

Denise G (au) wrote: A great movie. A family who can't live without their pride. (boxing) Good good movie. A must see.

Rod C (jp) wrote: rest assured this flic will never win at the academy, but to a cult few this is one of andy's best ( story and screen play writer)...directed by his son drew and produced by andy and adelle it has so many levels of intrigue (only a few are what they seem) and beautiful ladies (in all manner of undress and compromised positions)...and following the babes, bullets and bombs theory andy is famous for how could someone not like it . plenty of saucy scenes ( only t&a and adult situations) and action with plenty of chicks with weapons and explosions, fast cars and marine craft all i can say "works for me"...

Michael W (mx) wrote: Intergenerational relationships, beautifully done.

Michael K (kr) wrote: Okay, but lacks the excitement of the Original, losing Arnie for Glover kind of knocks it down a notch as Glover is less of an action hero actor than Arnie. But Paxton and Busey as effective supporting characters really adds to the richness of the script.

Bob W (ag) wrote: Rudyard Kipling's classic novel about a precocious British boy in late 19th century India that becomes something of a spy drama is made into a pretty decent Errol Flynn vehicle, though he doesn't shine as much as a very young Dean Stockwell (currently bad guy of Battlestar Galactica fame).

Ken T (mx) wrote: Nicholas Ray's first directorial feature. Based on the novel "Thieves Like Us" by Edward Anderson, the film is about three men who have just escaped from prison. One man, the youngest, falls in love with the niece of one of the other escapees. The three men begin to do bank jobs, but eventually events occur that have the two young lovers on the run from the law and finding just trying to get by nearly impossible. They Live By Night certainly contains its fair share of melodrama - particularly in the later part of the film. But the story is good enough despite its flaws. Farley Granger was never a great actor and is not particularly terrific here either. Nevertheless, overall a very good film.