Magnificent Butcher

Magnificent Butcher

A plump butcher student of Wong Fei Hung, Lam Sai-Wing (Sammo) gets into trouble with a rival kung-fu school known as Five Dragons and is accused of raping the head of that school's ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   slapstick,  

A plump butcher student of Wong Fei Hung, Lam Sai-Wing (Sammo) gets into trouble with a rival kung-fu school known as Five Dragons and is accused of raping the head of that school's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim C (us) wrote: Good for what it was; a kids & family film.

Richard M (jp) wrote: 'Who is this stupid little c*nt?' I terrified the sh*t out of him!' -Ginger Baker, on meeting Mick Jagger

Mikhail B (ru) wrote: If you keep reserved feelings about downshifting, this film will do an honest attempt to promote it. One of the best employees of a department store gets fired because of insufficient education, loses his house, starts taking courses in a college, working in a cafe as a chef, renting a small flat, and waits what the new life has too offer. And the life has got quite a package: he meets young, active and talented friends, he starts seeing new job prospects, and, last but not the least, he marries his speech course teacher. In fact, they find each other: while she laughs at her husband getting caught by the police, his good humour greatly increases as he find out his former boss who had fired him works as a pizza delivery guy. But I really shouldn't be judgemental: it's quite an innocent pleasure to watch others fall, after all, they may also enjoy downshifting.

Joe A (ag) wrote: While I may not have been into this apocalyptic horror, I do appreciate the filmmaker's attempt to do something different and interesting.

Dustin P (nl) wrote: Pretty bland for a George A. Romero movie. The plot involved two families feuding over their different views on what to do with the zombies. Basically it was like Hatfields & McCoys but with zombies...which might sound interesting, but turned out to be dull.

Scott A (mx) wrote: Great cast and the end is pretty amazing.

Paul D (jp) wrote: It's an engrossing fusion of murder mystery and courtroom drama.

Alexander Z (ag) wrote: Most of the laughs in this comedy come from Gene Wilder's hopelessly optimistic belief that everyone he meets has some good just waiting to be brought out of them. That he succeeds again and again produces even more laughs. Sadly, Pryor play second fiddle to him here, having many good lines, but lacking the physical comedy to back a lot of them up.Where this movie kinda goes off the rails is in the last third, which is mostly a rodeo scene. By this point, the film has dragged on a bit too long, and it slows to a glacial pace here in order to overemphasize an almost heist-like plot which is a bizarre transition from the first half of the film as a buddy comedy.I liked Stir Crazy, but I'd rather have just watched two hours of Wilder and Pryor riffing at each other. Sad to say, but the plot gets in the way of the characters.

Sanjeet K (au) wrote: Amazing Movie, beautiful scenes, flamboyant cinematography, and above all the story. It tries to tackle a topic which is so hard to do justice to. It also shows the ugly truths of life and what all can go wrong when we leave our feelings and emotions unattended for a long amount of time. Although the movie only shows Ved as a vulnerable guy and doesn't explore other major characters like Tara the way you want and doesn't tackle/show her insecurities, but even if she had some major insecurities, it is very rare for them to get to the level Ved has them in the movie, so it's natural for the movie to focus more on him. Finally I'd say, it's not just a movie, it's a therapy session!

Mirror (br) wrote: Hoo Haa, thak thak.......martial arts, kung fu whatever......time pass.