Magyar filmek nyomában

Magyar filmek nyomában


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Paulie L (es) wrote: Creative and clever! An amazing ensemble and a tight story make Sushi girl a very pleasant surprise. Nice to also see film with an ending that genuinely caught me off guard - loved it!

Hani H (it) wrote: its like you are seeing a De Ja Vu for some better films, Mr. Webber did a terrible job directing this job and it was really boring in sending a good massage about morality.

Pervanlar O (au) wrote: There is nothing new, but I like this kind of movi es. And It isstill good for thefirst movie ofthe director.

Gary M (au) wrote: I watched 1 before 2 which i think everyone should do. I think it was a good movie.

I am A (mx) wrote: Yeah pretty terrible

Rob S (nl) wrote: I do not like war films, here is a rare exception. The teaming of Noel Coward and David Lean is inspired; together they craft an entertaining war picture that doesn't bore (too often) and that actually had me crying a few times. A shame Celia Johnson isn't given more to do, though this film is about "the boys."

Patrice F (nl) wrote: A wonderful and at times trippy ode to the swinging 60s.

Lee M (it) wrote: Reflections on the highs and lows in rites of passage, in this bittersweet tale channeling the female experience of aging. Along with the humorous when not harrowing cross-generational bonding that can awkwardly kick in.

Alex M (ag) wrote: A perfect origin story, and the perfect start to set the definition of the MCU!

Josas G (au) wrote: Do you really want to hurt me