Maha'lai muang rae

Maha'lai muang rae

Set in 1950 and based on the series of autobiographical short stories by Archin Panjabhan, the beginning finds Archin (Pijaya Vachajitpan) expelled from Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University ...

Set in 1950 and based on the series of autobiographical short stories by Archin Panjabhan, the beginning finds Archin (Pijaya Vachajitpan) expelled from Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason T (ag) wrote: Great cast, but what a pointless movie!

tony f (ag) wrote: i think is movie will be fun to watch

Gus S (it) wrote: This movie is not as awful as one would expect. Effects are cheesy but about as good as you can hope for outside the Jurassic Park series. Acting is better than usual for straight-to-video sci-fi but still not very good. The story, though not great, at least makes sense. The director made a good effort but failed to deliver horror, suspense or comedy of any kind.

XxFatimaXx (ag) wrote: Maybe it'scool , i don't know !

Joaquin R (kr) wrote: (FRANCE 2003 -Nicolas Philibert-)

Lilian P (us) wrote: Complete waste of time.

Adam B (us) wrote: russell crowe puts in great performance in a very dated flick. loved all the aussie quips. nice little not-super-cheesy movie.

Sam R (fr) wrote: Rookie of the Year got all the pub, but this movie's funnier. Again, the real-life baseball guys work. Why don't all sports movies depicting teams from actual leagues do this? This movie gives rare screen time to multiple relievers and Jonathan Silverman as Bowers provides high-level performance. Good ending too.

Aaron J (gb) wrote: The best made for television movie that I have ever seen. It's hard to write a review on this film, because Im afraid I wouldn't give this film the recognition it deserves. This film tells the story of how AIDS became an epidemic and how it affected the lives of many different people. The film starts of with Dr. Don Francis (Matthew Modine) traveling to the Ebola River in the late 70s trying to figure out as much as he can about the Ebola Virus, the title in the beginnig says that the Ebola Virus was not AIDS but it was a warning of things to come. The film then tracks how the disease spread throughout the world and how Don Francis and the CDC try to figure out everything about the virus. The film focuses on the politics and the effects on people that AIDS had in the 1980s, and today. This film is one of the most brilliantly casted films that I have ever had the good fortune to witness. Matthew Modine gives such a graceful and powerful performance as Dr. Don Francis, he tackles Dr. Francis's attempts to try and figure out the virus from the inside and out. Matthew Modine really deserves alot of credit in the film that is destined to be one of the greatest performances captured on screen, and credit for giving such a beautiful performance, when he enters each scene he handles it with such a serene grace and vulnerabilty. I wish this film would have been released in theaters so that he could have won an Oscar. Ian McKellen gave one of the best performances of his career as Bill Kraus, a gay rights organizer in the city of San Francisco, who later gets infected with the terrible disease. B.D. Wong just lit up the screen in his performance as Kico Govantes, Bill's lover and best friend and lover, the pair of them really lit up the screen together. Lilly Tomlin gave a dynamic performance as Dr. Selma Dritz, a doctor and a gay rights organizer in San Francisco, who mediates between the gay community and the government. One person who I thought really shows his grace of his art of acting is Richard Gere, as a stage choregrapher who learns that he is infected with AIDS, and helps the CDC with their research. But the one performance that broke my heart was of Swoosie Kurts as a woman who went to the hospital for surgery and recieved a contaminated blood transfusion, the scene is so heartbreaking when her and her husband figure out she is infected, but Swoosie pulls it off so beautifully. Donal Logue gave one of his screen debuts as Bobbi Campbell the first AIDS poster boy, he really shows such tenderness in this performance. Alan Alda played Dr. Robert Gallo, a selfish doctor who really didn't show an interest in finding a cure, he just wanted to dicredit the French and tried to say he discovered the virus, Alan Alda was really brilliant in this performance. And the Band Played On is truly a Spellbinding film that gets better and better with each viewing. I really have to applaude director Roger Spottiswoode and screenwriter Arnold Schulman for crafting such a delicate yet heartwrenching film. I don't care what anybody says when you see this movie the ending montage will make anyone cry, it show all the famous people who were afflicted with AIDS and its set to Elton John's The Last Song, its so heartbreaking, but its just enough for anyone to get the picture about this illness and how it can affect anyone. This film is truly a beautiful motion picture and I give it ****

Spencer R (es) wrote: Definitely not Robinson's best. See Double Indemnity or the Cincinatti Kid.

Tyler S (nl) wrote: Absurdity at its finest.It's a shame because I thought the first Crank was an explosive action classic that featured a wild performance from Statham and a unique fun premise.Here chelios somehow is back after free falling from.the sky thousands of feet.This time is heart is a battery that needs an electrical charge to keep going.The scenes made me dizzy and the absurdity was beyond ridiculous. It does offer some good action but I though there should never have been a Crank 2.

Filiberto G (nl) wrote: More noteworthy historically than for the actual movie