Mahalai sayongkwan

Mahalai sayongkwan


Based on various horror and ghost tales set in universities, the film centers around some students who encounter paranormal events in their university. They must fight against their fears and scary things that are haunting their university. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darrin C (au) wrote: Holy shit, Hollywood hasn't made a horror movie this dedicated in years. I had it figured out about halfway in, but still loved it and didn't expect the ending.

Tina S (au) wrote: awww this is so cute!!!

Clay B (kr) wrote: SHINING THROUGH (1992)

Johnathon W (au) wrote: Classic action film that set a new standard for the buddy cop genre, thanks to a superb cast & filmmakers willing to go a little dark with the content. Gibson & Glover are excellent as Riggs & Murtaugh, playing off each other perfectly & giving career best performances. Gibson channels his crazed intensity to perfection while Glover is a fantastic straight man, giving brilliant reactions to every one of Riggs nuttier moments (his "I'm too old for this shit" line remains a classic). They get great support from the rest of the cast, particularly Gary Busy as the villainous Mr. Joshua. Behind the camera, Richard Donner adapts Shane Black's script perfectly and one forgets, after the numerous sequels & current TV show, how dark & edgy the original is. Riggs is a truly disturbed, suicidal man and you truly don't know what will happen next with him, making his tension with Murtaugh palpable. The action is edge of your seat and Black's dialogue is as good as you can get in action movie. All that plus being set during Christmas, it makes for one of the best action movies ever made and another great addition to the holiday movie rotation.

Miriam M (es) wrote: Great Movie love it : )))

Tim S (au) wrote: Drags a bit in spots, but it's a fun cop movie starring the Duke.

Jonathan B (it) wrote: Friday isn't particularly great or noteworthy on its own merits. It's roughly made, hardly anything happens, Cube isn't the strongest writer, etc., but it does have charismatic leads and enough amusing antics to skate by. Despite the lack of polish, it did become a cult classic of sorts and a launching pad for several of its talents after all.

Rania A (it) wrote: I'm not really a Rom-Com person but this film was packed with laugh out loud jokes.. Although some were a bit too crude as I saw it with my mother I would still recommend it

Nyght N (us) wrote: As always Samuel Jackson did a phenomenal job in this film. The ending was quite a surprise.

Michael V (ru) wrote: I can't stand Sean Penn for his stands in politics but you can't judge the art by the artist and Penn always delivers a golden performance. This was a perfect role for him to show it off. It's a great unique story, amazing acting from everybody, a photography that leave you speechless. It's a must see. Sean Penn has fun with his character. He plays with it. The way he moves and plays with his shy quietness but that one scene where he lets everything out and confesses showed that he is more then a soft spoken child like oddball. The best thing about this movie is that it never worries about being a commercial success. It's an artist telling his story his way. My one complaint about this movie and I felt that it did hurt it somewhat was the relationships in Sean Penns characters life. How they were connected was never really fleshed out and it bothered me. But it's really a small portion of the story and shouldn't get in the way from enjoying it.

Stephen S (ru) wrote: This is such a great film. It's pretty cheesy at times (it was made in the 80s after all lol). But WarGames is still a great film...great premise, story, and pacing. The cast is pretty good, as are the special effects for their time. This is also kind of random, but I like this film for its significance to the modern classic book Ready Player One. Unrelated really, I know, but I still appreciate the tie-in. Anyway, check this out.

Don S (us) wrote: Though I adore Brittany Murphy (it still upsets me she will never reach her potential) and the bountiful shots of her cleavage here, this movie didn't work for me. The acting isn't bad, but there really was no chemistry between Murphy and Fanning. I didn't find it funny, which is a cardinal sin for a movie listed as a comedy. The pace is too slow; the script tried too hard for whimsy. Overall, it attempted to manipulate the audience to feel certain emotions and failed miserably. Graded a star higher than it deserves for the wonderful Murphy.