Mahanagaramlo Mayagadu

Mahanagaramlo Mayagadu

Mahanagaramlo Mayagadu is fully comedy based movie in which, Chiranjeevi played a role of Raja, whose main aim is to make money by hook or crook and get his sister married. His father commits suicide after being accused of theft and his mother dies of disease.

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Matt C (fr) wrote: Kind of absurd but really good fun. The huge streak of dark Scandinavian humour running throughout keeps you onside mainly and lets you forgive it's more cliched plot twists. Punchy and short as well.

Adam E (ca) wrote: 31 Days of Horror (2011): #28

T Patrick S (mx) wrote: The story wasn't great, neither was the acting. Meh piled on with a lot of meh.

James T (fr) wrote: an interesting movie but i felt kinda lost in it

Monster (nl) wrote: Leila: I wish I could ride my bike forever. I wish the Sun would never go down. The summer will go on, and on, until every person is out on the streets, and feeling like me.i didn't have any kind of expectations, so it didn't disappoint me. whatever script, not very interesting, but nice monologues, imagery and a very beautiful voice. i love how she tells the story. plus, lots of sex scenes Leila: You have to wait... until you're uncovered. You have to wait with someone naked. And then you have to wait some more.

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Rodney C (kr) wrote: Gibson should stick with the Mad Max genre in his movies.

Michael J (ag) wrote: exciting, touching, sentimental..but sadly, "paid critics" don't understand those emotions...see it, enjoy it and think back about how we can relate to the joy and struggles of youth

Lady D (es) wrote: Recommended by Scotty

Shane J (de) wrote: Well this time they seemed to have just copied army of darkness?? as deths sent back to medievil times and the trancers are now vampires??? wtf Sure its quite fun with a few one-liners and at least thomerson can be bothered this time but they've just gone to far away from the promising 1st film.

Sonya W (de) wrote: I remember I really liked this movie but I cant remember it so well.

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