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Mahananda torrent reviews

Stephen B (jp) wrote: One-man show. Riveting performance.

Michael S (fr) wrote: Yet another "stuck in the backwoods of West Virginia with killer moutain people" movie. The second half is slow and the couple makes a lot of dumb moves.

Rufam S (de) wrote: . Rene Goscinny. . It doesn't manage to recreate Goscinny's brilliant humor and forgets to be entertaining. Only for very little children.

Boh R (br) wrote: Mos Def and Lisa Raye and MC Lyte?!

Alec B (ca) wrote: Loved the new creatures, hated the acting.

Chris G (ag) wrote: Intense, and despite a wide open sky, claustrophobic.

Shaun M (ag) wrote: Despite its artistic origins, Bombay is no better than a shlocky Hollywood film due to its cardboard characters, who change disposition without any sort of development. The war scenes are well shot and interesting, yet the film's ending is fairly insulting to the viewer's intelligence, and overall, this is a cheesy, poorly acted endeavour.

Corey C (jp) wrote: Outstanding. You won't be able to take your eyes off it, in awe of the measure of human achievement

Olivia M (jp) wrote: Even at this age Sean Penn looks like a complete creep.Cute retro teen film though, if a bit painful.

Maarrk H (gb) wrote: Elegant, poignant, and genuine. Malle captures middle-America on a down-turn, perfectly suited for present-day viewing despite it's 30 year vintage. And, as always with his documentaries, Malle leaves us with a gentle warning (in this case, once again, left unheeded).