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Jason K (br) wrote: The who's who of Korean films jam packed into beautifully shot, choreographed, acted, and interesting storyline overlaps that hold your interest enough to go past 2 hours and still want more. I need to make films in Korea, FIN- end of story.

Shirl S (ag) wrote: Interestingly, the inset ad for the title is "Tu Seras Mon Fils" - the first 2 words areSpanish and the next two are French. Por supuesto, en que lengua es la pelicula?

Private U (ag) wrote: For the first half I just thought it was a "sweet" time filler. However, as the film moves on it becomes funny, immensely moving and very sad in places. You realise what an effect the children have on their teacher and he on them. I hope for a follow up in a few years time to see how Jo Jo, Olivier and Nathalie have got on!

Jay B (it) wrote: Every beat of this movie has be done elsewhere... and better. Crazy, obsessed, chick ruins guy's life.... this is far from fiction. Lol.

Kami B (it) wrote: I bet the book is way better. As a TV movie it was very cheesy and loosely drawn together.

Bruno R (it) wrote: Well done and well acted. Interesting story

Michelle V (nl) wrote: Basically, a children's "magical hero dog" movie with gore and boobs.

Ro D (fr) wrote: i love Burt and Susan is a really nice story and great characters

art s (nl) wrote: Interesting adaptation of the book. I like it and I think parts are even humorous :) Overall a good movie with a good lesson to be learned!

Kira N (de) wrote: it was lot of fun to see and funny as hell

Michael R (ru) wrote: Robert Towne people existentially negotiate the emotional minefields they created to avoid inner accountability, in this case former drug dealer Mac (Gibson) can't face up to what he is and what he is avoiding. So the restaurant chick Pfeiffer is a life above and away from the mistakes of the past but she demands being straight and true. Love stories are best when they are real, and bring up real contradictions that keep us away from experiencing it, and show a way to face up. Towne always brings up the hard stuff so it's not comfortable. If you've never been to these places it will seem like a movie about nothing, but if you have been there you will see how accurate it is. The cop is touched by the woman's integrity too, but has to swallow his jealousy and let it be like an adult. Mel Gibson's insanity allowed him to be a great actor at times. Photography by Conrad L. Hall is among the best ever for cinema- I could watch it every day forever.

Facebook U (jp) wrote: Not too bad for a tv movie. Good acting. If this wasn't some sort of important person, not sure there would be any interest in it. It goes well with the lost prince or the forgotten prince, the story of his brother afflicted with epilepsy. Meh, inbreeding. The royals solved that problem in the last two generations.

Vastavikta G (de) wrote: You've Got Mail1998I found this movie randomly on my friend's laptop. He said that it is a romantic movie. And boy, what a romantic movie it was! Beautiful.The main characters are Kathleen Kelly played by Meg Ryan and Joe Fox played by Tom Hanks. The movie takes us back to the time when the internet was a new thing. New and generating sparks of curiosity. Kathleen and Joe were among the people who liked the whole new idea of online chat rooms and mailing. They met each other online but decided not to share any personal details; only chatting. But in real life, both of them were business rivals. Kathleen was running a small shop of books since years, meaning, her mother used to run the shop before her. While, Joe had just started a new big and trendy book shop right across the street which ultimately led Kathleen out of business. During this whole time, online they got attached to each other even more. The tension in the movie builds up when Joe finds out the truth about his online love. He is devastated. He has no idea what to do. He loves her but knows that he is responsible for throwing her out of business and she will never accept him. The movie captures all our interest now. And the attention is worth it. The way he reveals the truth to Kathleen is the best part of the movie. Totally unpredictable, the end of the movie will bring you to tears.Before starting, I must tell you that I watched this movie in the year 2015. So, usually when I watch movie from '90's I find the dressing of characters really bad. Fortunately, the characters here are so interesting and well defined, also the acting is carried out so well that you don't mind the dresses. Meg Ryan looks beautiful in the movie. I am not sure if I find Tom Hanks handsome. But, I love him in the movie. Brilliant acting. The movie starts out slow and for teenagers like me, will need a bit of patience. Trust me, it's worth it (esp. if you are a romantic). The point where the two characters are at war with each other in the real life, I was worried. Because, they had decided online that they will not reveal their personal details. Hats off to the script writer here, wonderful job. The mails that they send to each other are equally as interesting as the characters themselves and even in the toughest times manage not to reveal the truth about each other. So, the movie never bores you. One drawback I found was the presence of too many side characters. Like, Kathleen's current boyfriend, her two employees and her aunt. Joe's father, grandfather, girlfriend, father's wife, father's wife's daughter, grandfather's son, etc. The main thing is that all of them have at least one dialogue and not a light one. This distracts our attention from the main story. Though I think you might not mind it much. The scene director has also done a pretty good job. One of my favorite scene is the one where Kathleen sits with a wizard hat on and reads out a story for the children in the store. The movie gets a hold of you when they decide online that they will meet in person. Only the audience knows, that a disaster is following. But before both find out the truth, Joe finds out first. The thing is that Joe took the whole business thing as professional and not personal. On the other hand, it was not the same for Kelly. She was attached to her store. Joe was the reason why she has to close the store, so Joe knew that Kathleen will never accept their online love in real life. My favorite part is how Joe brings out the truth to Kathleen. Mainly because, it shows how much he loves her. It is heart touching. The ending brought me to tears and I am sure it will not disappoint you either.

Kyle B (jp) wrote: A very well written and directed movie from Steven Soderbergh in his debut with wonderful performances from Andie McDowell, Peter Gallagher, and James Spader