Mai Mai Miracle

Mai Mai Miracle

In 1955 in western Japan, nine-year-old Shinko knows she comes from a family that dates back to over a thousand years. This long genealogy and stories about it feed her daydreams: she invents an imaginary friendship with a young girl in the Japan of a thousand years ago. One day, Kiiko, a timid child from Tokyo, is transferred into Shinko's class at school. Struggling to fit in, she finds a friend in Shinko. They set off together on a magical adventure into a story from ancient history.Adapted from the Takagi Nobuko novel Mai Mai Shinko — winner of the prestigious Akutagawa Prize —, this animated feature film portrays the relationship of two children linked not only by friendship, but also by that power that transcends eras: imagination. And perhaps it might become reality?

Inspired by her grandfather's stories, young Shinko embarks on wild flights of fancy about the history of the little town she lives in. But dreams can't fend off the realities of growing up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean P (br) wrote: A movie designed to shock you with its overt sexual innuendo but has very little in the way of plot or growth, besides the mother and maybe the daughter.

Gregory W (ag) wrote: amazing all star cast like the kind they could only do during the studio system as an unhappy man trasshes his marriage and career while writing a play about it all this period piece set in the halycon daze of 1979.

Jonah W (gb) wrote: A super-bloody and violent experience. Well done.

Jai H (mx) wrote: One of my top 5 movies, this os the film 8 turn to when I want a romantic movie.

M Andrea S (ag) wrote: Touching historic movie, worth seeing it!

Grant S (ca) wrote: Incredibly lame. And, despite the outlandishness of the plot, not that original: very similar to the Anaconda series of movies, none of which were any good.

Joseph H (jp) wrote: hey,this takes place in was decent.some good parts.w.e.

Melissa D (fr) wrote: Good lord. I remember (like vividly) seeing a movie poster in a video store when I was 8 years old living in Berwyn. I have no idea why it stuck in my head lol

Brett B (nl) wrote: By far the worst of Irwin Allen's disaster films, this is a monumental waste of talent. The good cast is undercut at every turn by terribly silly "special effects" (how is it that Allen's earlier POSEIDON ADVENTURE and TOWERING INFERNO managed to achieve at least some realism in this department, while this one - years later - fails miserably?) and a nonsensical screenplay.

Richard H (ca) wrote: A quality Saturday afternoon movie. It has aged quite nicely, yes there is a huge amount of cheese slapped on but I think that was what they were aiming for. Its incredibly one dimensional and doesn't surprise in the least. For those of us old enough to remember watching this when we were kids I suggest taking a trip down memory lane and enjoy the ride. NB: I believe that they also did a TV series?

Neal R (es) wrote: Another fine installment in this great series. It is a little more developed than some of the others in the series, and some of the suspense here comes in the form of complcated developments leading to the invevitable clash of swords. One thing that I think needs to be mentioned when talking about this series - And again, a very fine series it is - Is just how similar the story is in each movie. Reluctant hero reticently tries to avoid conflict, in unerringly drawn into it, and in some way or form saves the day only to be sent packing on his way - If you likes The Incredible Hulk T.V. show, or even Dr. Who Tv. Show, this formula will seem familiar - It started here as far as I know, and is done better here than in many other places. This is an absolute winner !

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Ryan M (it) wrote: This movie absolutely broke my heart and reminded me why Liv Ullmann is one of my favorite actresses. It fits nicely into Bergman's loose "personality disentegration" canon, which also includes 'Persona', 'Hour of the Wolf', 'The Passion of Anna', etc., but it has a much broader template: war. This may have been Bergman's best effort at bringing out the tender vs. violent dialectic that he so loved to write into his characters, and it avoids the Guignol routine that you get from lovers in admittedly great later films like 'Scenes From a Marriage' and 'Fanny and Alexander'. I was also blown away by how "slack" and moody the film gets for its final third, and the elliptical ending really put ice in my bones. Among Bergman's many other movies I think only 'Fanny and Alexander' reaches the heights of 'Shame' in exploring the relationship between dreaming and waking... Point is this is a crushing and genius movie from an artist I will go to my grave idolizing.

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Teresa S (kr) wrote: (1962 Director: John Frankenheimer) I especially like Daniell's & Danny's reviews of this classic book-into-movie based on a true story. Certainly passes along the truism that was shared with me by a Principal at a middle school where I did my first student observations: "Prison populations are figured based on the number of third graders who cannot read." REMEMBER to read to your child....