Maid to Order

Maid to Order

Spoiled Jessie Montgomery, whose wild behavior and spending excesses cause her well-meaning but exasperated millionaire father Charles to wish he never had her, is visited by fairy godmother Stella. In an effort to save Jessie, Stella casts a spell which causes Charles to no longer have a daughter. Jessie, now penniless and without a friend, must take a maid's job to earn a living, and hopefully to learn her lesson.

Spoiled Jessie Montgomery, whose wild behavior and spending excesses cause her well-meaning but exasperated millionaire father Charles to wish he never had her, is visited by fairy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nikhil M (us) wrote: The script has some holes but in total, it still is likeable.

Jared C (de) wrote: Average movie at best

AnBrea C (gb) wrote: this is a good movie

Michael O (es) wrote: Every once in a while there is a work of art or a magnificent person that twirls my noodles around and changes my perspective on things. As much in my lifestyle as in my way of making films.Agnes Varda and her film have done this for me.This movie is profoundly affecting. It is a brilliant antidote to the adolescent fixation on so-called freedom that the 'beats' and all sorts of other road poet literature have seduced us with. Take Sean Penn's INTO THE WILD. The kid in that movie is a rebel heart and he takes to nature like some kinda Jack London. Sure, we see all the warning signs that tell us that something is wrong with this voyage but Penn's style makes Alexander Supertramps story so rock n' roll that even when he reached his final discovery (life is better when shared with others or something to that effect)the audience is led to believe that he HAD to take that road to achieve any sort of self-discovery. Hey, it may be true but not all of us are mad road poets. And Penn ignores an inherent mental incapacity in a man who's willing to believe that giving everything up to starve and die is something heroic. Though it's surely brave.In VAGABOND our rebel heart is a filthy creature in mind and body. It's easy for the people who meet her to be repulsed and also remain in complete awe of her because it's beautiful to think that absolute "freedom" is something worth pursuing. We wish we were sociopaths: as much as vagabonds as we would like to be high school teacher super spy serial killers on weekends. We want to live outside society and the law, we want to work outside the paradigm of our civilization, and we think that by simply attaching non-violence to rebellion that we'll be happy. Sorry to say that Kerouac drank himself to death, McCandles died sans epiphany and surely in pain, and that ultimately beyond the page or screen there is no poetry to complete mental isolation.A man in the film is a philosopher and yet he lives in a ramshackle barn with hundreds of goats taking care of his wife and kid. All of his education and his life's contemplation has led him to understand that life in model civilization doesn't have to be the same for all since our expectations from life are different. Through his understanding he reasons that Mona the vagabond's journey isn't anything more than withering. "She is working to support a system that she rebels against."The confusion of life is enough to suffer through. We live in a society where we feel we've had a loss of dignity or of special significance and that we're in some form slaves. This is all on one very palpable angle. True or not. Yet we are not being murdered in mass numbers, we are not being infected with disease, we are not told what to read or not read by force. What censors we have in our life is a desperate media and a frightened federal system that are weak and simple to ignore. We have the privilege to overcome them and by "rejecting" them through poorly thought out self-destruction we allow them to thrive and fester. Remember, outside and inside the confines of civilization we are allowed to love freely. We can't ignore that human feeling because without it we are lost. In modern society... the vagabond is traveling sickness.VAGABOND like the recent WENDY AND LUCY are enough to make one think.

Shawn W (nl) wrote: A flatfoot and a gumshoe who were former police partners reluctantly cooperate to take down the mob. A-list pairing of Eastwood and Reynolds really disappoints. Really strains for laughs at times. Depression era story only depresses viewers.

Jonathan K (nl) wrote: I didn't watch this movie as a kid so I have no nostalgic biased opinion. Bullit was straight cheesy. I'm sure it was awesome in its day, but seriously...? The airplane scene when Steve McQueen jumped under the airplane was totally unnecessary. The conversation with his girl after she witnessed a dead body was stupid. It was still fun and I'm glad I finally saw it.

Rmulo D (de) wrote: The definitive Warhol classic. The avant-garde / underground genre wouldn't be the same without "The Chelsea Girls"

Sameer K (es) wrote: My friend and I discovered this movie late at night because we saw that it was a Western with a kick-ass top-billed actor: M.C. Hammer. It's atrociously funny, and has some gratuitous tits so that's good.

Octavian (ru) wrote: Warning:Racism (read: actually later banned from further reproductions by Disney)Slavery apologism

Anti C (es) wrote: About as mindless, generic, and stupid as you can get. Its so stupid it almost seems like a bloody action movie for kids. As the Resident Evil movies go on they get worse and drift further from the source material. The critics consensus nails it. RE: Afterlife is brainless. I could go into detail but why even bother when the filmmakers didn't put much thought into the movie? Its pretty pathetic actually. Slow motion stupidness to aid Milla's fading athleticism.... Sad.

Mig P (au) wrote: At times stagnant, the film however progresses with more interesting scenes in the latter parts.

David J (es) wrote: Mildly enjoyable throughout, Plaza and Bilson in particular deliver the laughs.