Maiko haaaan!!!

Maiko haaaan!!!

Kimihiko Onizuka is a salaryman infatuated with maiko (apprentice geisha) and whose greatest goal in life is to play a party game called "yakyuken" with one.

Kimihiko Onizuka is a salaryman infatuated with maiko (apprentice geisha) and whose greatest goal in life is to play a party game called "yakyuken" with one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Maiko haaaan!!! torrent reviews

Neha J (us) wrote: nice movie and deepika looks grt

Daniel D (us) wrote: Um doido que faz entregas de bicicleta recebe uma encomenda perigosa, pois um policial que est devendo tambm quer receber tal ticket que vale um grande dinheiro, nesta confuso ele desiste de entregar, mas depois que descobre que o dinheiro para levar o filho de uma mulher da china pros EUA ele recupera o envelope e faz a entrega a tempo.. muito bom o filme com timas cenas de ao.

Mireille C (de) wrote: Un trs bon film franais, difficile de comprendre que les Am (C)ricains en ont fait un navet avec deux super stars, a s'appelle The Tourist! Ils ont d (C)pens (C) beaucoup de sous pour faire un remake que pas grand monde n'a vu...dommage. L'original est vraiment trs bien fait, de bons acteurs.

Blake B (es) wrote: One of the worst of the direct-to-DVD Seagal vehicles of the new millennium. It's hard, even for me (a proud Seagal fan, at least of his earlier work) to watch this steaming pile of...stuff that's supposed to pass for a movie.

Tess M (us) wrote: a family movie that mainly is for kids

Cooper C (es) wrote: This movie is absolutely excellent.

Tom W (nl) wrote: Again, the synopsis reflects my life.

Michael P (mx) wrote: Great movie. It never really got the attention that it deserved. It should have gotten a bigger budget and all that. The writing, acting and directing was great.

Freddy C (kr) wrote: Not a lot of attention, but a very solid film, revolving around original Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe.

Miguel A (it) wrote: Retrato bastante convincente de uma das mais infames histrias de obsesso e auto-destruio garante a Gary Oldham um dos seus melhores papis e confirma Alex Cox como o verdadeiro realizador punk intercontinental (quando muitos s trataram do punk americano ou britnico, ele foi uma excepo). Mas, tal como a relao mergulha numa espiral, tambm "Sid & Nancy" parece no ter muito para dizer a partir de metade da sua durao.

Cha t (ru) wrote: What american would go see a movie with a name like this? Besides teens and burn-outs that is???

Justin B (jp) wrote: When ripping off jaws with a premise so dopey, its slow pacing amounts to boredom not tension. Beyond this and its subplots that go nowhere, deadly Eyes delivers what you'd expect; dumb but gruesome fun in the Toronto subway line.

Sarah F (ca) wrote: I would like to see this, i think...

Tracy F (gb) wrote: Classic!! Markus Mark had his character down. The whole cast (mainly metal singers) were fantastic. If you love music, see this. Hilarious in parts and serious in others.

Andrejs P (ru) wrote: ok I would of been upset to learn if Richard Harris wouldnt have received an oscar nomination for his performance. Awesome. Its hard to believe this was the directorial debut of Lindsay Anderson. Great cinematography. Hard to find a fault with this film....

Charly F (au) wrote: Well now - The Residents may just be the most important artists and musicians of the last 50 or so years. They also may not exist or be the same people who started out as The Residents. And this film - Theory of Obscurity is a very good place to begin to find out about their art. It is not really a history of The Residents but The Residents from different perspectives and why they matter so much. It is never less than fascinating and at times extraordinary. And the DVD has some of their marvellous films - what we would now call videos - except that doesn't really do them justice. Thoroughly recommended to anyone who care about art, music and has a pulse.