Mail Order Bride

Mail Order Bride

Elderly Will Lane arranges marriage of wild son of dead friend to tame him.

Elderly Will Lane arranges marriage of wild son of dead friend to tame him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monjit B (br) wrote: Nice!!! But a very linear narration!!!

Brian S (ag) wrote: A pedestrian, humorless film with production values on par with a SyFy channel original, meaning cut-rate CG, second-rate acting and bargain basement writing. It's about genetically-engineered, slug-like parasites that infect people and give them superhuman strength and senses while turning them homicidal and making them melt in salt water. It's also about a half hour too long for the thin material. The one redeeming quality it has is pure gross-out factor; if you let your glassy eyes get unfocused enough to not notice that the digital parasites look digital and there is liberal use of computer-generated blood spurts (which NEVER look convincing, so can we please ban them from all future horror films?), there's enough squick in here to provide limited fun.The story: a young woman and her twenty-something friends arrive on an island on which her father and his scientist pals once genetically engineered parasitic crawly things that were somehow meant to be to the benefit of mankind but weren't. She thinks she's inherited the place but she hasn't. For some reason, the parasites have left the inhabitants of the island alone for 20 years, but they now become active again. One of her friends is infected and starts killing people. The islanders band together to stop them, but the woman has a (very simple) formula for a drug to stop the infestation. An arm gets ripped off here, a few people get shot, things crawl in and out of holes in people's skin, and there's a predictable ending. You may now go find something more interesting to watch.Aside from not capitalizing on potentially humorous situation and lacking in originality, the continuity errors really detract from what might have been a passable flick with more effort. Blood stains on character's shirts appear and disappear. Wounds appear and disappear. They just weren't trying very hard. There's even some evidence that a couple of the scenes were intended to be in a movie about a disease instead of one about parasites. Otherwise, after their prior experience with the beasties, why would the islanders bother wearing pollen masks to stop them? It clearly doesn't work.If you are hankering for a good flick about parasites, try David Cronenborg's "Shivers." If you want over-the-top fun, try "Slither." If you want entertaining so-bad-it's-good cheez, track down "Squirm." "Growth" borrows liberally from all of these but never attains the merits of any of them. It's one of those movies you might leave on for background noise, but you'll have forgotten you've seen it in a week or so.

Christopher L (kr) wrote: At 4.5hrs... I'm going to have to bribe people to sit through this with me

Michael A (au) wrote: Paddy Breathnach doesn't try and reinvent the wheel but what he does is offer up a nice little revenge thriller

David S (ca) wrote: You need to be smart enough to choose stupid people to fight your wars.Glorificando la guerra y lo 'cool' que es estar en un lugar remoto sin saber por qu (C) , sin motivo aparente, con la mente en blanco y solo hacer lo que te dicen porque "es una orden".bahh!You need to be smart enough to choose stupid people to fight your wars

Hugo G (mx) wrote: Not scary but disturbing in many ways. Although it was fun to watch, there wasn't much gore or scary stuff, but instead some good intense build-up. Also, the acting was good specially from Vincent Cassel, and the characters although unlikeable at first, kind of became fun and with rooting for at the end. And even though there wasn't much of a plot and the ending was kind of meh, it was still a fun ride. ~December 13, 2014~

Ed T (jp) wrote: Not great, but better than I expected it to be. I avoided this for years thinking it would be so horrifying that I would be scarred by it. However, it was nowhere near as gruesome as I imagined it would be. And the much touted "torture porn" aspects of it really only surfaced in the last act. I found the idea that the obnoxious backpackers were eventually hoisted on their own petard delicious.

pedro t (gb) wrote: Deeply thought provoking cinema without being obvious or moralistic...So well written, acted and paced...Some of the dialogue in this film deserves to be heard several times...

jen m (it) wrote: i love the time period it's set in, and it has a surprisingly good soundtrack! very upbeat film; tons of fun to watch!

Matt C (de) wrote: Magnificent film in my eyes. Beautiful aerial sequences, acting and some tear-provoking moments. These men were heroes.

Dean S (kr) wrote: Highly underrated film to be honest. Stallone and Snipes make good rivals in this movie.

cli o (it) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Jim r (kr) wrote: Not a bad movie... You felt for the main characters about the difficulty of finding someone to date. Based on this, it should get at least an average rating, but then at the end, when I asked myself if I was really entertained, I then had to lower my rating a bit.

John C (ru) wrote: A Bergman movie with a happy ending?! Who'd have thought?!

Steve D (jp) wrote: great cast but a portentous flick that never leads to anything interesting.

Samson S (gb) wrote: I'm gonna watch this....never seen it

Moya W (nl) wrote: Song One is the journey to redemption. It's the story about love and grief, music and the courage to redeem yourself. I enjoyed this movie. It was quite short but it still didn't feel too short. This was a story that needed to be told in a few words and had it been told in too many words it would have been too much. The movie had a great soundtrack and a meaningful message carrying it all the way to the end. The hopeless romantic in me hated the unpredictability of the movie, but on the other hand, the movie-fanatic in me absolutely loved it.

Simon T (au) wrote: Though 'Return of the Jedi' is not the best film in the series, it's still a satisfying end of a fantastic sci-fi trilogy.