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Andres A (es) wrote: Terrible, not solid at all, pointless scenes and really bad acting. Unfortunately can't unsee.

Craig C (es) wrote: I walked out of the cinema wanting my money back. Don't watch this piece of shit. Unless you're a desperate, single woman in her 40s you won't enjoy this movie. F

Dylan G (kr) wrote: Worst of the bunch, it's not nearly as funny as the first 3! D-

Kris C (es) wrote: Can love overcome Cold War ignorance? It can, apparently.

Zack K (ru) wrote: Pretty hilarious low budget spoof...if your a Bruce Lee fan you should enjoy.

Albie F (ru) wrote: Don't listen to my brother - this is a great movie.

Bubba M (mx) wrote: Very well conceived; my roommate guessed that a woman had written it but I disagreed. He thought a woman wrote it because it was so hateful to men. But I felt a man wrote it because a woman would not have written it with so much violent. You'd think that this type movie could have no novel endings, that it's all been done before, but not only was it good because it was novel but it was just plain brilliant.