Main Tera Hero

Main Tera Hero

This love story begins with the mischievous, clever, charming, a daredevil and the HERO who falls in love with Sunaina. How can a Hero’s love story be complete without a villain! So walks in Angad the corrupt cop, who wants to forcibly marry Sunaina and to make things more spicy also does Ayesha who is madly in love with our Hero. A massy entertaining romantic drama ensues, which takes our Hero from the mountainous Ooty, to the fun college campus of Bangalore, and then to a beautiful mansion, in gorgeous Thailand.

Sreenath Prasad aka Seenu is the most notorious boy in Ooty. He drops out of college in Ooty in order to pursue education in a Bangalore college. Here he falls in love with Sunaina. But Sunaina is forced to marry Angad, a local police officer, who is more of a terrorizing gangster. Seenu also has another die-hard lover in the form of Ayesha, of whom he is unaware. He had once saved her friends and Ayesha instantly knew that he was the perfect man for her. Ayeshas father is a big gangster and kidnaps Sunaina to get hold of Seenu and compel him to marry his daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kali K (au) wrote: I liked this movie. I actually saw it theaters but caught it again recently. This movie strikes me in all ways and brings in the perfect tones (melancholic, romantic) that make me feel satisfied at the end.

dan u (nl) wrote: Wow, wow! What a movie. What characters! This has to be the most under rated movie of 2006!

Cameron K (br) wrote: With its epic length and academic narration, Los Angeles Plays Itself, an essay film on how Los Angeles is portrayed in the films it makes, won't appeal to all tastes. However, those willing to commit will find one of the best educational films ever made, serving as an insightful examination on how the history and perception of Los Angeles (or "L.A.") can be deciphered from movies ranging from The Exiles to Night of the Comet to works of gay porn like L.A. Plays Itself, which this film takes its name from. Some of Andersen's observations may be a tad specious, but they're mostly thought provoking and often spot on. And I think one can watch it in two parts without losing much, so why not give it a try?

Maaya P (fr) wrote: amazed...something i can relate to as well. loved it!!

Max P (au) wrote: Even worse than it's predecessor to the point where the actors who I praised for being brilliantly cast are reduced to being flat out boring and stupid.

Alex M (ca) wrote: Really good film with some great actors

Noah C (gb) wrote: Pearl Harbor, a truly tragic event between two nations that pushed the United States into World War II, not out of fear but out of a respect for their own country. With this almost fictional, fantastical event in history, there are sure to be dozens upon dozens of Hollywood adaptations of the event. These include "The Final Countdown", and of course the simply titled, "Pearl Harbor", from director Michael Bay which suffered a great deal due to a unnecessarily corny romance and poorly written dialogue from screenplay writer Randall Wallace. This Pearl Harbor film was clearly just trying to jump on the titanic band wagon, being interested in telling an "emotional" love triangle first and a historically accurate telling of the event second. However, all of these previous films about this event were after 1970 and in that year both America and Japan set aside their difference to work together in making perhaps one of the most historically accurate war films of all time, "Tora Tora Tora". The focus on the exact details occurring at specific times on each side is truly remarkable and for true history buffs this is certainly the film they should watch. Yet because the film is historically accurate it often suffers from dreadfully slow pacing that while compelling, is admittedly hard to get through at two and a half hours. Director Richard Fleischer understood the facts of Pearl Harbor, what happened at what time and why. He is incredibly good at directing dialogue exchanges between Americans and Kinji Fukasaku also is excellent at directing exchanges between Japanese actors. However, where both men truly excel, is in the final thirty minutes of the film when the Japanese are bombing the harbor which is expertly filmed with dynamic angles. Obviously because there was no CGI technology all of the filming of the planes had to be shot organically which is all the more impressive considering the dangerous stunts that had to be committed in the filming progress. Spectacular explosions, amazing fighter stunts and daring framing all encapsulate true epic filmmaking in the ladder half of the film. The score is largely mute which of course fits the realistic tone of film so the score is neither good nor is it bad it is simply nonexistent. Larrey Forrester's screenplay is both one of the best and worst aspects of the film. How meticulously crafted it is, is of course an achievement of historic proportions, yet to be quite frank suffers in the dialogue aspect of the script between characters. When one accuses a film of being "boring" because nothing happens I always point to films like The Social Network which has absolutely incredible dialogue that easily carried the film. Tora Tora Tora simply does not, which greatly attributes to the films seemingly slow pacing; overall the screenplay is the personification of an oxymoron for it is neither excellent nor horrible. The acting is very similar neither memorable nor bad, it is the same as the screenplay a personified oxymoron. There have been many films about Pearl Harbor, some good, many bad most notably Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor who's overly clich love story ruins the historical value of the film. "Tora Tora Tora" is the exact opposite compared to Michael Bay's, it suffers in the emotional department but excels in the historic value. Unfortunately there has not yet been the definitive Pearl Harbor film yet, but this film comes awful close to achieving that.

Muffin M (mx) wrote: I own this in a four movie pack along with:* The Magnificent Seven (1966)* Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)* The Magnificent Seven Ride! (1972)

Nic O (de) wrote: Lined with the signature traits of Ed Wood movies, Bride of the Monster manages to be watchable solely for the cinematography and the acting of Bela Lugosi himself.

Maria V (br) wrote: This is a first rate noir with a totally captivating performance from Loretta Young. I had never appreciated her as an actress until seeing this film.

Connor H (ru) wrote: A great tribute to such an influential figure.

Saisha R (gb) wrote: Had me at the edge of my seat and the ending was soooooo unexpected - my siblings and I really enjoyed it!