The uneasy relationship between a mother and daughter is made all the more turbulent by drug abuse in this downbeat drama from Iranian filmmakers Rakhshan Bani-Etemad and Mohsen Abdolvahab

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Albert L (gb) wrote: some of the images in this movie will haunt me for a long time.

Deb S (br) wrote: Justin Long stars as Chase Revere, a small-town manager of a local historical museum who finds out about plans for an Indian casino to be built in town. Right over the site of a Revolutionary battlefield that has claimed its meager place in history and where Chase holds the occasional reenactment of the event. Chase vigorously opposes the casino finding an unlikely ally in the town's beautiful but unpredictable town siren, Lucy (Emmanuelle Chriqui), who is trying to find her own closure with an absentee dad by sleeping with all the older guys in her life. Also starring Keir O'Donnell as Chase's best friend who screws anything in skirts and Rob Corddry as the adulterous Mayor Fishback.

Anna B (br) wrote: More interesting, perhaps, in the earlier scenes which appear to be more of a portrait of a milieu than the intense character drama it ends up being, but it's still really good anyway, in spite of the weird reliance on the logic of dumb action movies, which, on the upside, results in some unbearably tense sequences (e.g., it contains one of the most implausible yet somehow terrifying car chases I've ever seen). It may have been a little unsatisfying in the end, but I wasn't expecting it to go where it did, and I always appreciate that.

Julien L (gb) wrote: Not really riveting... and porn in the end.

Trey W (de) wrote: This movie is nothing but a pile of crap. Unfunny and dreadful acting. And as I look they look like a couple of people reading signs held up by the director. Just like the videos.

Jennifer S (mx) wrote: not my favorite role to see Williams play, but he does do a phenomenal job!

Sandellica M (jp) wrote: This movie was beautiful and devastating. It has had a profound impact on my life.

Armando P (au) wrote: While critics didn't like at all this movie, it has become an instant classic for violence fans like me.

Theo K (nl) wrote: This movie isvery special to me, though I'm not quite sure why...

Lucia T (us) wrote: Defnitely liked it, it has quite an implicit narrative. And it's the John Waters pick at the festival this Friday!

Mike H (fr) wrote: You remember that scene in 'Adaptation' when Nick Cage asks the script instructor about writing a script that focuses on people who do ordinary things and never change because that's more realistic? The instructor's reaction is "Are you out of your fucking mind?" He then explodes with examples of dramatic things that occur among people all over the world every day.Well the larger half of this movie prefers that sense of "real." I mean, the characters change over the course of the movie, but the method of revealing character is to capture them in everyday circumstances where there isn't much risk for drama. It's very reminiscent of hippie filmmaking (although the camera work is not remotely as sloppy, and the story is more directed, probably because it was a novel first). Maybe it wouldn't be fair to leave it at that -- the climax of the movie is a lot of fun. If you can survive the rest of it, it becomes enjoyable for the last 10 or 15 minutes.The only real reason to watch this movie is to see the cast so young. And actually, for that, it might be worth it. Jeff Bridges and Sally Field are near the front of their careers, and both go on to be better actors than they show here. Arnold, on the other hand, puts in what is easily his best dramatic performance (he even won an award for it); having said that, it isn't very dramatic, just better acted than his action hero roles. Arnold and Bridges both have baby faces, compared to possibly anything you've ever seen them in.This was directed by the guy who did 'Five Easy Pieces,' although this is structured and edited better. I guess he was just doomed to work with superstars at the beginning of their careers, before it was known how to properly use them.

Jonathan P (au) wrote: The style promises "noir," but this turns into something much darker and more unsettling.

Dylan M (mx) wrote: Hitch is a decent romantic comedy that has three solid performances out of Smith, Mendes, and James. Not particularly my go to movie but I still enjoyed it aside from its dull plot. Hitch still provides a feel good sense to it and a good time.

Trey B (us) wrote: For the 2nd MCU outing, this isn't a bad viewing.

Cody B (ca) wrote: Growing up will rob you of magic and joy.

Matthew C (br) wrote: A timeless classic for all age groups.