Mais qui a re-tué Pamela Rose?

Mais qui a re-tué Pamela Rose?

When he receives a call from Bornsville sheriff, telling him Pamela Rose' coffin has been stolen, agent Douglas Riper sees a good occasion to meet again with his former partner Richard ...

French filmmaker Eric Lartigau directs the anarchic buddy comedy Bullit and Riper, originally released as Mais qui a tue Pamela Rose? French comedic television stars Kad Merad and Olivier Barroux are both the protagonists and the screenwriters. As a parody of Hollywood cop films, the story is set somewhere in the American Midwest as fabricated by the French. After losing his regular partner, FBI agent Richard Bullit (Merad) gets assigned to the book-learned cop Riper (Barroux) to investigate the death of a stripper. American movie stereotypes abound, such as shock jock Phil Canon (Gérard Darmon) and sheriff Steve Marley (Jean-Paul Rouve). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ca H (ca) wrote: Some aspects of this movie are really fun to watch: mostly the dialogue between the three men feels actually quite natural and funny. The key romantic relationships are also quite enjoyable. However the premise is just annoying and fairly simplistic and other attempts at humour felt completely flat to me. I like the idea of presenting male vulnerability but it was so basic and unoriginal. I really like Miles Tellor but this film was not one I would want to see again.

Kenneth L (nl) wrote: Happy People is one of the most recent of Werner Herzog's long string of documentaries, though it's worth noting he did not actually shoot any of this one himself. All of the footage from this movie came from a longer documentary by the Russian director Dmitry Vasyukov, which Herzog later saw and then edited down into this version, adding his own inimitable narration. As a result, this is a bit more matter-of-fact than most of Herzog's other recent documentaries, but it's still pretty fascinating. There's less weirdness and grand metaphysical speculation, but it's still a detailed look at lives very different from our own.The movie was shot over the course of a year in the Siberian Taiga, a huge wilderness where a very small group of people make their livings as fur trappers. The movie follows a couple of trappers in particular, and takes us on a tour of how they live their lives - building traps, travelling through snowy forests, building numerous huts, building skis and canoes, raising hunting dogs, and so on. These men spend most of their year with only their dogs for company out in the wilderness. Pretty much the only twentieth-century tools they use often are snowmobiles and chainsaws; for nearly everything else, they use tools and techniques that are hundreds of years old. Herzog narrates all this, and argues that these people are happy because they lead truly free and independent lives. Perhaps they are, but the movie really does get you to compare your own life with theirs and imagine what it would be like to be them (and I suspect I'd be happier as me). There's no mentions of abysses or madness or God in this one, just a straightforward examination of the trappers' way of life. So while Herzog fans should be aware of that going into the movie, it still works quite well as what it is.

Galvy F (jp) wrote: When we have to start relying on ourselves to take care of things when our loved ones are gone. When we can't rely on family whom dont understand you, use you or can't help you when they either want it for themselves or you rather just do it yourself. When we are not reliable to others when they come in the wrong place and time. When we can't rely on our country when they let us down during war we served, or letting the enemy move next door. When we can't rely on others when they don't understand their times, or people. When the things we relied upon we keep hidden in mint condition. When other things we rely upon whom let us down, we keep stored down locked away. When no threat scares us when we been through war and seen more scary shit then somethings that we face. When we face a crisis when things go bad, we can always rely on the people to help us get through it. When some people are unreliable when they support other things that don't build their own country's industry, civility, or relations with others.When coming of age we have to be reliable and help out more. When we have always relied upon religion and culture to pave our way through life. When we your more relied upon when your move away to make room for better neighbor for others. When we don't want any reliance on others help. When you live in dangerous parts of the neighbourhood, you need reliance to have your back when your in the trouble. When being in a gang means we rely on members and weapons to protect us. When we don't need any reliance when we are used to living in harsh environments and we rely on ourselves to do nothing to be safe. 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Javier C (kr) wrote: Not the best spoof, but definitely not the worst. Every 15 mins there is a funny joke that will make you laugh.

Oscar T (nl) wrote: Es injusto que una pelcula tan terrorfica y escalofriante como esta tenga 7 aos en los cajones de la MGM sin ninguna distribucin.

Anne R (nl) wrote: The first half of this movie is pretty good, although obviously low low budget. Storyline a lot like the book "Breathers". The second half is out of control and just stupid.

Victor M (fr) wrote: Another dose of Bollywood

Mike D (it) wrote: Its similar to whats happening here in Rochester

David M (au) wrote: Who knew one of the world's most iconic actors would begin his career with this embarrassing B-rate horror/comedy. It's a huge improvement from the 2nd film & much more enjoyable to watch. But let's face it, this franchise can't seem to quit the immature gags & take itself seriously, so why the hell would the audience?

Elba L (ru) wrote: Favorite movie with the.Coreys I them!

Mike W (au) wrote: So ridiculously enjoyable. A lot of great cheese-ball effects, absurd violence and tounge-n-cheek humor.

Cristina G (it) wrote: this film isn't so much about WWII than it is about the chance meeting of harrison ford and leslie-anne down. i stumbled upon this movie a long time ago and i've loved it ever since...or more accurately i feel in love with the musical score, it's absolutely beautiful and impossible to find as luck would have it.

Joe I (ca) wrote: Probably the most underrated of any 60s comedy. Abundant talent includes Sellers, Simon and De Sica - Italian director who is voted the greatest film in history "bicycle thieves" time and again - of which this film is its antithesis!It's so camp and silly it's astoundingly funny to me. And it has possibly the most unashamed self parodying role in history -that of Victor Mature

Dustin G (mx) wrote: An interesting and very well shot, if a little overly dramatic, doc about a middle weight nobody boxer, and the events of his day that lead up to fight night. Kubrick's second contribution to the world of film and his first exploration of the sport, which he would revisit a few years later in Killer's Kiss.

David J (it) wrote: Poor acting but some spectacular footage. What kept this film from being a half-decent B-flick was the dumb and preposterous plot that tried to come off as completely serious and plausible.

Lisa M (mx) wrote: Incredible performances.

Jon G (nl) wrote: A underrated film!! Hal Hobrook was perfect in this film!!!

Ken D (us) wrote: Coming-of-age story starring Miles Teller as popular, but troubled high school senior in need of a new perspective on life. Also starring Shailene Woodley who is outstanding as the "good girl" and romantic interest of Teller's character. The super high caliber supporting cast is brilliant as well. The plot is highly believable and touching, based on the novel of the same name. This move needs to be seen by more people!