• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Maithaanam 2011 full movies, Maithaanam torrents movie

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Maithaanam torrent reviews

Rudy G (gb) wrote: A Worth sequel with a kick of fun and Gore! The Soska sisters did a wonderful job on this, and the cast is top notch!??? Expected a little more of body count and Gore! But still a great splatterfest of fun and Greatness!

Leif O (de) wrote: Unfunny from start to end credits. Truly a sad effort by one of the guys who brought us Airplane!

Zaid A (es) wrote: Great movie, slow pace so be warned. Great songs as well.

Martin S (fr) wrote: low budget gore flick with some good "dispatches" and twists with the camera showing us whats going on "from inside one of the characters heads" at times... and yup "big brother house rigged with traps" sums it up excellently. quality!!

Timm S (de) wrote: Spends A Lot Of Time 'Setting The Mood' Before It Really Gains A Clear Direction. Once It Gets Going It Is Hillarious & Great Fun. Don't Take It Too Seriously People!!! De-Niro Easily Steals It Tho..Sum Great Lines.

Franki W (us) wrote: Quite the stuffy period drama... Yep, not my sorta movie but Jared Leto makes EVERYTHING my sorta movie! Granted, he murdered the English accent but the film was quite dark so that made up for it a little... And, awww... It had a happy ending ^_^

Kristie P (au) wrote: A German movie about genocidal cats wanting to breed a master race.Oh, the irony.Obviously a film for adults, at times it feels like Felidae is trying TOO hard to be edgy with the gore, language, and cat sex scene. Despite this shortcoming, the film has one principal strength- it really creates a cat-centered world for the viewer to explore. Francis, the main character, is likable and well-rendered, and in general the film does a good job of capturing feline habits and mannerisms. Some of the character designs are off-putting (Bluebeard and Kong look like bully-breed dogs), especially when the rest of the film tries so hard at realism.

Shawn W (ru) wrote: Stranded depression-era father finds refuge with single mother whose family is in a long-standing feud with another across the river. Held my attention, liked it better than the box cover suggested I would.

Justin R (ag) wrote: "My Dinner With Andr" is a 1981 film directed by Louis Malle, and a billed cast of only four actors. Our story centers around two old friends (Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory) reconnecting over red wine and cooked quail while discussing the past, as well as their contrasting beliefs.The movie begins with Wally (Wallace Shawn) narrating bits and pieces about his life as he walks to a fancy dinner he planned with a previous business partner or his. Not too much back-story is given on either Wally or Andre (Andre Gregory), but it becomes apparent that the film's focus centers around the subjects of conversation, rather than the characters themselves. Once these two get past the icebreakers at the bar and get seated is when the movie really starts to pick up. From here on out there is no internal thinking from Wally, but instead a very deep and personally conversation between two good friends.While one might think they'd be a third wheel coming into dinner with these two, the audience is easily dragged into the heat of the discussion, often giving time to ponder ones own thoughts on the matter. Where "My Dinner With Andr" excels at is what it sets out to do; pose a friendly connection that slowly devolves into a verbal debate about their clashing worldviews. Like "12 Angry Men" (1957), the movie only takes place in one room, which happens to be even smaller here than in "12 Angry Men". Thankfully, the dialogue is so well crafted and executed that not a moment of the two hour running time runs dry."My Dinner With Andr" manages to make you think on multiple occasions. The couple brings up many philosophical topics; humanity, society, life, and so on without ever coming off as pretentious. Where most movies fail at this matter is that the deep questions aren't brought up naturally, but here they come accompanied with many stories from each man's past. "My Dinner..." is not a movie for the mind that does not want to think because that's half the fun of watching it.Where other movies like "12 Angry Men" and "The Hateful Eight" (2015) take place in a single room/house flourish with beautifully shot cinematography, "My Dinner With Andr" meanders into repeated angles with little activity or expression. I bring this up as a shame because the rest of it works so well. There is the occasional waiter coming by to collect half eaten courses and refilling glasses, but there's not enough action on screen to entertain those who are not completely devoured by the ongoing chit chat. The camera serves merely as a way to capture the discussion, rather than create a visually inspiring feature.Deep, thought provoking, and often funny, "My Dinner With Andr" is great fun for lovers of thoroughly thought out dialogue like myself. While a general crowd of 2017 standards may fall victim to wanting to check the time or their Facebook, I assure you that you need not to, for there is multiple messages to receive and ponder on for a long time.

Terry G (es) wrote: Like its star, the film is beautiful and exotic. Certainly won't appeal to everyone. Repetition and crazy repeating and not repeating story lines stretch the limits of patience and sanity ... or provide the perfect mental escape.

Luke B (it) wrote: This didn't make as much sense as the others

Iain B (gb) wrote: Strange one this, I don't know if I was supposed to be touched by this story but I just found it annoying that somebody that clearly had mental health issues was allowed to live in a van on a driveway for 15 years!