One hour before the State Opening of Parliament, something very unusual happens. The Prime Minister appears and demands an adjustment to the Queen's speech. The speech concerns aid to Africa. Even with all the pressure around the State Opening, Beatrix goes back in time, and remembers her banishment to Canada, the visit to the victims of the Flood disaster and the turbulence suffered by her parents at Palace Soestdijk during the Hofman case.

One hour before the State Opening of Parliament, something very unusual happens. The Prime Minister appears and demands an adjustment to the Queen's speech. The speech concerns aid to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan D (ca) wrote: In the Land of Blood and Honey doesn't break ground or set new standards in the annals of anti-war fiction, but it's an effective, if not overlong, picture that examines the divisions created by conflict and the dangers of attempting to maintain something of a status quo in a world where the old and peaceful way has become a source of contention and violence. The film is the directorial debut of Actress Angeline Jolie. Her work on the other side of the camera is effective. Her narrative is strong the picture's production values are of a high quality. The film feels authentic and looks good. The performances are lacking and the character development is lost under the weight of the whole, but the sum total is a quality film that does resonate and largely accomplishes its goals.

danandriyo a (gb) wrote: tolong bantu terjemahkan film ini :)

Timothy S (ca) wrote: The twilight of Steven Seagal's career hasn't been kind to him, but it's even worse for his former fans who now, for some reason, are obliged to sit through all of the incredibly inferior product he has released over the past decade. "Pistol Whipped" is his latest in a seemingly unending line of made-for-video crap, and it's amazingly embarrassing. It's even more embarrassing for those of us who remember Seagal's heyday. His performance here shows a once talented performer (a martial artist, not an actor) at rock bottom, who mumbles his line and speaks in such a soft monotone you cab barely hear him. And then there's his fighting ability, which has lost considerable punch since Seagal's shocking weight gain. He's not the same badass we loved in "Above the Law". And as paper-thin as the plots were in his earlier films, they weren't the masterwork of complexity that this film is. There's enough plot here for two crappy Seagal movies, and after a while I just gave up on it. Part of the running time was spent trying to figure out just what exactly the title meant and I never came up with anything. I was excited to see Lance Henriksen, but he gives beyond a cameo here in a blink-and-you'll-miss-him performance. He winds up with just a few minutes of screen time in this dud, which will probably wind up being more beneficial to his lagging career than a bigger part. This movie just lies there like a lead baloon, but Seagal's tender scenes with his young daughter are laughable. His golden years probably won't yield another "Under Siege", but "Pistol Whipped" goes in the opposite direction at light speed. His career has reached a new low point, and I believe he's started to dig himself now.

Brandon W (es) wrote: I am totally the wrong demographic for this film. This film is made for 30 year old single women who love sappy romance. This film does elevate itself from the average romance films. Great cast, surprisingly impressive cinematography, and well done production design. But sad to say, this film just wasn't for me. If the 'writing love letters from a world war II battleground to his loved one back home' story interests you, then this is for you.

Sugarissa Candy J (fr) wrote: i found a norwegian movie in the end and love it!!!!!!!!! *o*

Weaam M (es) wrote: loved the acting and the story!

Rubia (kr) wrote: Jos Saramago, Hermeto Pascoal, Wim Wenders, Evgen Bavcar, Agns Varda, Marjut Rimminen, which work I want to know/explore, and others give their point of view over the vision in this interesting documentary. Rather interesting, but I still miss something. * A non-real character that could be in Janela da Alma and whom I got fascinated by is Julie Delpys character in Two Days in Paris, a photographer that has "small holes on the retina which condemn her to see only one part of the image". The way she shows us her vision problem is fantastic and you can, somehow, feel yourself into it.

Facebook U (ru) wrote: Outlandish story appropriate for animation. Animated very well with lots of artistic details. Many references to french artists. Pieces of stories well imbricated although out of this world. Not much talking done, making it more easily internationalized. Very affective.

Jonathan B (mx) wrote: I like the concept, but it wasn't very funny and got too dark at the end. If you want something that makes references to Stalin and the Cold War, this will have it. Out side of that, I'd recommend watching something else.

Eric B (mx) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen in years, Tender, sweet, sad and a Great cast.

Robert O (jp) wrote: great campy fun. Not sure how I missed this all those years ago but a good DVD watch.

Jason M (kr) wrote: One of my favorite Barbra it.

Brett W (jp) wrote: A bit out of place. Worthwhile. Interesting acting and camera.

William P (ca) wrote: Why would Jerry Lundegaard's wife be kidnapped, & her father, getting shot? And, why would Jerry Lundegaard get arrested in his motel room at the end?

Julie D (us) wrote: By far one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. By all means feel free to engage two hours of your life into a movie only to be disappointed by a pointless ending. While the theme of the ending represents purity and a majestic setting with amazing visuals the reality is that a polar bear will EAT YOU IN TWO SECONDS FLAT AFTER YEARS OF SCAVENGING WITHOUT A HUMAN IN SIGHT. Might I also add that if there were humans I'm pretty sure the polar bears noshed on them while the poor folk a.k.a proletariat ate bug bars. I would have rather hopped into a banana suit and chased my chihuahua around the block screaming "toxic farts are the candy of the earth" than spent 6 months of my life complaining about why director bong hole is a terd. Negative stars for this cinematic monstrosity.

Mandela W (de) wrote: Jason Statham definitely needs to be in the conversation of the best action stars of the last decade. Statham is one of the most unique action stars out there and he has had quite a career. Amazingly enough he will every now and then find his way into subtle crime thrillers like The Italian Job and bank Heist or even in his last effort, a comedy film, Spy. However Statham didn't get the chance to do all that before The Transporter which launched his career. I jumped into this franchise during the 2nd film's release and I always wondered about franks past and this film does just that. However as a film in general its not quite that good of an action piece. In this first picture we learn about the mysterious professional getaway driver Frank Martin. Martin a former solider in the army delivers packages on time and in a sufficient manner. He also follows his own set of rules which helps him do his job in perfect fashion. On one job he gets a package in the form of a chinese woman who was supposed to be shipped off with a bunch of other Asian folks as part of a type of slave trade. Martin decides to break his rules and help out the girl which inevitably makes him a target as well. I can definitely see how fans fell in love with this. To it's defense It was unlke any action film that came out at the time. however it could have been made better. One thing I didn't like was that for. shu qi's character was for the most part a typical damsel in distress except for the fact she could hack into a computer. This is a prime example of what the female actresses today hate to get as a film role. the music was my only problem with the film it was either really corny or just sucked. although some of the soundtracks were aight but mostly sucked. On a positive note. Jason staham does a really excellent job here as he has with the other two films. The fluidity, suaveness and unpredictability Staham brings in his creation of this character frank martin is a testament to his acting abilities in action films. He is a real standout among the action greats and he proves it here. it really was interesting to learn about frank's past here as I jumped into the second film of the franchise. small thing, but its different seeing him do his thing without his suit. just something I happened to notice. I will say making a sequel to this was a good move. the ending does leave you wanting more. the action is great here. Always so creative the fight scenes in these films. Transporter is 2 1/2 out of 5 star film but I can tell it was a vehicle for statham. still however wouldn't recommend seeing this.