Makante Achan

Makante Achan

Viswanathan (Sreenivasan) is a village officer. He wants to make his son Manu (Vineeth Sreenivasan), an engineer. But manu wants to become a singer. Viswanatahan sends him to a coaching centre principled by KC Francis (Thilakan). Manu often tells his mother (Suhasini) to allow him to go and participate in reality shows. But Viswanathan doesn't agree with it. When the exam result come, Manu fails. Viswanathan calls him a cheater and slaps him. Manu leaves his house. After two days Viswanathan finds out that Manu is working as a waiter in a hotel. Viswanathan's heart is broken and he becomes a drunkard. But Manu also participates in a reality show.

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