Make a Wish

Make a Wish

A woman, lost at night on a country road, is murdered. The next day, six women gather at a wilderness park for a camping weekend in honor of Susan's birthday: Chloe, Susan's first girlfriend; Dawn, her most recent one; Linda, Susan's former lover now back with Steve, who has followed Linda and spies from a distance; and, Monica who used to be with Susan but is now with Andrea, who's tagged along. They all know who cheated on whom in the Susan saga, plus they flirt or complain in turn. A fugitive may be on the loose in the park, with a private eye in pursuit. A crossbow, a blowtorch, a knife, and an animal trap figure in subsequent murders. Who's the killer, and who survives?

A woman, lost at night on a country road, is murdered. The next day, six women gather at a wilderness park for a camping weekend in honor of Susan's birthday: Chloe, Susan's first ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Purvesh K (au) wrote: Nice movie, good direction, acting and editing. Though sympathetic towards Maoist movement, movie is really worth watching. Keep your political biases apart - I had too :-) . Arjun Rampal has knack for picking the best scripts and movies, this one is no different. Every lead character got fair share of role and display their skills, though manoj vajpayee steals the show. Watch it, don't take your kids with you - too violent.

William W (ca) wrote: This was a decent watch, not for cinematic reasons per se but for making the world a better place. I watched this with my son, Julian, and I was pleased with how they took the true story, including the actual dolphin from it, and, especially for kids, promoted environmentalism, caring for animals, etc.--really solid and important aspects that need to be, more than ever, emphasized in the youth of today.My only qualms is that I have very mixed emotions about the casting. I know that to get an important environmental message heard, and thus the film watched, you have to incorporate Hollywood megastars. I simply wish this didn't have to be the case. The story would have come across better with unknown actors--or simply as a sincere documentary without the Hollywood B.S.

Kaika S (br) wrote: 80 minute guilt trip to kick start your week-long fast. But where are the real doctors? And if you want to look unbiased, at least ask the guy to stop wearing that RAW! movement promoting t-shirt throughout the movie.

Marta R (it) wrote: Got the message, but too artsy for me....

Wes S (jp) wrote: Poor effects and bland characters, but a fun monster romp. Though it's predictable and slow at times, it still uses a small amount of gore and plenty of monster action. Otherwise, it's the usual Sci-fi channel shlock.

Tuhina D (kr) wrote: A typical 'masala, time pass' movie. Pretty forgettable.

Kevin M W (kr) wrote: A solid, intelligent thriller by Fincher that exemplifies quality filmmaking. Warm up the edge of your seat, cause that's where you'll be for the whole of this.

Celeste A (es) wrote: I HATE THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!!!

The Critic (ag) wrote: More enjoyable than you'd ever really want to admit, this venture for an over-the-top Martin Lawrence, who has fun with the undemanding material, isn't all that memorable, but there's enough laughs to be had throughout.

stefano l (it) wrote: One of the unique cases in which a great cast, three great performances and a well developed plot do not make an unforgettable movie. It's only 15 years old but it seems a movie from 50 years ago, and it's slowness is not always a plus.

Becky W (kr) wrote: This was a very strange movie, but I liked it. John Lennon was great, it is amazing that he wrote "Strawberry Fields" while filming this.

Sameh S (es) wrote: Intoxicating , a movie like no other ... , ... ... , ... , ? , , ... ? ? , , ... ? ... (C) ,... 2.That's what I wanted to ask you.Could you find me work? Anything?I've done a little of everything.I even tried to dig out graves,but they didn't give methe Number 2 Card.

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It's good movie to watch

James C (fr) wrote: This Carry On relies far too much on the series' returning jokes and fails to make an amusing tale from the western influence.

Keith C (es) wrote: Short, simple and fun. Bolstered by some terrific animatronics.

Jerry R (es) wrote: Few Hollywood movies know much about real life. I would say that even fewer consider the nature of death. A lot of movies about death are more interested in the celestial wallpaper. The afterlife on film is usually a perspective on what Heaven and Hell might look like and those who die are usually more interested in tying up romantic loose ends or returning to unfinished business. Very few films have ever matter-of-factly considered the afterlife from the point of view of the traveler who has crossed the threshold to the undiscovered country. Hirokazu Koreeda's After Life is almost alone in its contemplation on the importance of the single moment or moments that shape our humanity. In 1999, Koreeda created this absolutely beautiful examination of the stopover between life and death where the choice of a lifetime must be made: What single memory would you carry with you to your eternal reward? The examination is vessled by 22 travelers who, for various reasons, have died and arrive from a white light to a place that is neither here nor there. They are in a way-station between the end of life and their eternal lodgings. The counselors who work here meet and interview several recently dead people each week. The travelers are tasked with choosing one memory from a lifetime that they will carry over into the eternity that awaits them. Once a memory is selected it will be turned into a film and screened before the patron vanishes with the memory, all other memories having been eliminated. But what memory? What single memory is worth an eternity? Carrying the best memory would be heaven while surely carrying the worst would be hell. To that end the travelers find this a difficult task for various reasons. One man discovers that he has no memory that he wishes to carry on. Another discovers that he has too many. One decides that it was her experience on the Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland. We meet these people through interviews while the staff works diligently to create the productions for the films that will be screened. We learn very little about the staff who have apparently chosen to spend eternity at the station helping others select a memory. There is a moment when we come close, a connection between one of the patrons and the man who didn't think that he had a memory (of this I will leave you to discover). This moment provides one of the most emotional moments in the film and provides him with a reason for choosing the memory most precious to his heart. This is the most profound examination of the nature of humanity that I have ever seen on film. There are no special effects, no gimmickry, no scenes that are thrown together to hold our interest. This is a movie that very gently reaches out to those lucky enough to be caught up in it's contemplative spell and to be spellbound by it's message The message is that memory is all we have. No matter what financial or possessive objects we have gained in our lives our memories lie at the core of what makes us intelligent beings. It is the thing that connects our learning, our maturity and shapes our social connection. It is the core of our being, the connection point of our humanity. On the emotional level, the film works through contemplation, through imagining ourselves as the wayward patrons. The movie sees the selection process as very matter of fact. Koreeada is more interested in the people who have arrived here than in the place to which they have arrived. That spareness allows us to contemplate their process rather than their surroundings. I saw After Life shortly after it's initial release in 1999 and years later it still resonates in my mind. When I am idle, staring at the ceiling when sleep refuses to settle my mind, I contemplate the question posed by Koreeda's film and to this day I am nowhere near a decision. If I had to choose one memory it might be agony because my number of candidates would go as high as five hundred or if I wrote them down closer to a thousand. For that, I feel fortunate, fortunate and grateful that my life can contain that kind of contentment. If I am given the kind of task given to the people in After Life, it is my hope that whatever I settle on can be turned into a film that is as gentle, peaceful and affirming as Koreeda's beautiful work.