Make It Big

Make It Big

Three high school students - Sung-hwan. Woo-sup and Jin-won are on their way back from a birthday party for Sung-hwan's father. Several minutes later, a huge lump of cash and a bloody corpse crash on top of their car. With only a split second to decide, there is no option left for them... Meanwhile, a dedicated young detective named Ji-hyung, suspects Sung-hwan, Woo-sup and Jin-won of hiding the money, and watches every move they make. In the meantime, the real thieves and a ruthless gang are looking to get their money back. After the case gets terminated, Sung-hwan, Woo-sup and Jin-won secretly go to the place where Sung-hwan stashed the money. They look inside a pit to discover a new surprise waiting for them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Make It Big 2002 full movies, Make It Big torrents movie

Korean comedy film.Three high school students who are startled when a bagful of money and a dead man fall on top of their car. Once they realize just how much money is in the bag, they give up any thought of calling the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hugo C (es) wrote: The story is highly reluctant.

Maria G (ca) wrote: It was like Disney wanted to make a movie about manopausal men they could take their kids to see when it as "their" weekend to watch them. Too harsh? I think not. The sad thing is I think instead of making you feel like you can get up and "just do it" you feel like the message is "Staus quo okay". Boring.

Angie M (jp) wrote: a great sequal almost as good as the first

Joseph D (gb) wrote: Fascinating subject. Poorly executed in some areas, and a tad exploitative I thought.

Robbie Joe B (mx) wrote: Haunting...a stunning excavation into the space between good and evil, past and present. Paltrow delivers a mesmerizing performance.

Kristi M (es) wrote: House of Spirits plays like a Cliff Notes version of the novel by highlighting important events but never getting into the character depth it needs. The most baffling element is making Clara clairvoyant (ha, name similarity) because it's completely random and doesn't add anything to the plot besides giving the writers an opportunity to practice executing spiritual nonsense. Even with serious star power it goes to show that no matter how good of an actor someone is there are just some books that shouldn't be made into a movie.

Krister S (us) wrote: My first laserdisc movie, i like it very much.

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David W (us) wrote: Too unpleasant to be funny. Unsatisfying ending for the big show down. Implied gang rape as an intended joke?

Michael H (kr) wrote: A director out of his element made a movie that became a noir touch stone. The tension between romantic comedy (which director Humberstone was experienced with) and noir (which he was assigned to direct here) leave the audience a little off-balance and a bit uncertain what to expect; which mostly works to good effect. Some great noir images were created. Elisha Cooke, Jr., who became a staple of noir cinema appears in an early, and already distinctive, small role. Carole Landis outshines Betty Grable, playing Grable's sister for the second time that year. And Laird Cregar anchors the whole movie with his looming presence.

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