Make Mine a Double

Make Mine a Double

A WWII British secret agent has a desperate mission in occupied France. An airman who is his double is enlisted in the scheme with the intention of confusing the enemy, but everyone gets ...

A WWII British secret agent has a desperate mission in occupied France. An airman who is his double is enlisted in the scheme with the intention of confusing the enemy, but everyone gets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (kr) wrote: old farmer takes in two wounded soldiers from opposite sides in this effective and powerful film from Estonia.

tanya s (gb) wrote: I love my little pony so can I watch I please

Erik C (es) wrote: Jarring, beautiful, tragic and evocative. Everyone watch this. It is engrossing.

Dan M (mx) wrote: This film is anti-vaccine propaganda dressed up as an unbiased documentary. Why are only supposedly vaccine injured children's stories told? Where are the stories of kids who died or were permanently injured due to preventable illnesses? Propaganda. Not a single actual fact is brought to light by the film. Only a train of unsubstantiated claims and fear-mongering.

Terry C (au) wrote: The Welsh in Patagonia - not much more to add to what's already been told is there? Well, this is just about the most enjoyable film I've seen in a long time - informative, funny, brilliant music and odd to boot. Not on wide release, but worth catching on a big screen if you can!

Boss (ca) wrote: segal might be the worst actor ever....but he beats Randy Couture's ass down in this movie!

Adam F (ag) wrote: If "Agent K" from "Men in Black" had to go undercover by himself with some cheerleaders that needed to be protected at all costs you would get "Man of the House". Tommy Lee Jones is very funny in what is otherwise an average comedy. Thankfully the film knows this and barely focuses on the cheerleaders that need to be protected, instead of focussing on the overall dynamics between the girls and their protector. It may not be a very good film, but it's entertaining while it lasts and it has a few twists you won't see coming, making it an fun, if forgettable comedy (it really could have used some aliens to spice it up). (Dvd, July 20, 2012)

Joseph H (ag) wrote: This film is hated because it disrespects some of the characters from the first two films but Alien 3 is not that bad of a film. Alien 3 is a perfect example of how movie series should be. Movies shouldn't save characters just because they are fan favorites. The plot of the Alien movie series is this woman wakes up from a nightmare into an even worse nightmare and thats what Alien 3 states and just makes the Sci-Fi horror series even scarier!

David E (ru) wrote: I recall seeing bits & pieces of "All Dogs Go To Heaven" when I was a child in the 1990s & I thought it was alright. After seeing the entire film recently, I can say it's not very good (especially by Don Bluth standards). For starters, the use of smoking, drinking, & gambling is a bit much for a children's film; there's also the use of attempted murder. Most of the characters (except for the innocent Anne-Marie) are rather obnoxious toward one another that you couldn't tell if they really care at all. The songs aren't appealing, either. In conclusion, I thought "All Dogs Go To Heaven 2" had a little more heart & plot. That said, "All Dogs Go To Heaven" is not really the ideal family film, even if it tried to have some heart & caring moments.

imgonnaget S (kr) wrote: Very interesting. This is my first experience with a Bresson film but after seeing this I will no doubt see some of his others. It's based on the legend of the knights of the round table but strips down all the romance and mysticism and gives way to stark realism. The film is extremely art house in nature by way of constant symbolism and unusually framed shots but it is by no means existential. It is however, unsentimental, even towards the hero, Lancelot, in its portrayal of the purity of men. Not much emotion is displayed on screen but through the dialogue and the plot progression the viewer can deduct the stirring hearts hidden within the hard demeanors of the characters. The most striking aspect of the film is its cinematography, which speaks mounds for the story; it is subtle yet elegant when capturing small moments, one of the more memorable being the tracking of Guenivere's hand move across her lap between Lancelot and her scarf. I feel I would benefit from a second viewing yet am a little apprehensive given the patience this film requires. I still was captivated by much of what I saw, and the 80+ minute runtime made it easier to sit through. It is a refreshing take on the Camelot legend and filmed in a style that we don't see much of anymore. I would recommend this to anyone who's a fan of art house cinema and knights in armor flicks.

James C (mx) wrote: I remember seeing this on TV years and years ago. I had forgotten about it until I heard Dennis Hensley & Tony Tripoli mention it on their podcast so I thought I should revisit it. Stockard Channing is game and fun and while the film doesn't really make a lot of logical sense, it is quite humorous thanks to Joan Rivers' writing. What I really wanted to know was what college did they film this at? I think I visited it on a job interview years ago but I can't recall the name. Glendale???

Ashley H (ru) wrote: Kings Row is an incredible film. It is about the dark side and hypocrisy of provincial American life that is seen through the eyes of five children as they grow to adulthood at the turn-of-the-century. Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings, and Ronald Reagan give outstanding performances. The screenplay is well written. Sam Wood did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and romance. Kings Row is a must see.

John T (jp) wrote: Dude lies like crazy to get a girl. It works... then doesn't.... then does... Typical love-comedy. I didn't love it.

jesse m (au) wrote: Vapid, vacuous, an utter waste of time and money. What the hell were the filmmakers going for exactly? You have existing source material as well as decades of slasher horror history to springboard from.... and THIS is what you come up with, a killer in a baseball cap? It's not a whodunit which throws out the appeal of a mystery, and it's also PG-13 which throws out any chance of seeing some genre goods like bloody kills and gore.On top of that, the movie's script is so lazy and undercooked. Nothing is developed so you don't really have a clue as to why or how.... and frankly you're not gonna care anyways. Could this movie be any more dull, I even chuckled when I saw words like "production designer" lol, there was zero evidence of anything resembling design in this movie. Bottom line, Prom Night fails as a horror film, as a slasher film, and as a film period. How do you manage to remake a not so great slasher film from the 80's and do it worse?? Clearly advanced technology and a bigger budget can't buy talent... Not even the smidgen it would have taken to make a simple entertaining stalk n slash.

Becky B (mx) wrote: Very romantic time travel movie. Very passionate and dreamy. Sad ending became good. Similar to "the two worlds of jennie Logan", but I felt this was more emotional and a better ending. The music was absolutely breathtaking. Best part of the movie and the lovely romantic scenes!