Make Up

Make Up

Being a mortuary cosmetologist, Min-Hsiu is used to seeing dead bodies until she accidentally spots a female corpse – her high school teacher Miss Chen Ting. Nie Cheng-Fu, Chen Ting’s husband, loves his wife profoundly and tries to find more memories of her with Min-Hsiu’s help. At that point, a detective, Kuo Yung-Ming, senses that the truth behind this case may not be as simple as it seems. Death is not the end of life, but another beginning of it...

Being a mortuary cosmetologist, Min-Hsiu is used to see dead body, until accidentally spotting a female corpse – her high school teacher Miss Chen Ting. Nie Cheng-Fu is Chen Ting’s husband, loves his wife profoundly and try to find more memories of her through Min-Hsiu’s help. Just then, a detective, Kuo Yung-Ming senses that the truth behind this case may not be so simple as it seems. Death is not the end of the life, but another beginning of it.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom W (ag) wrote: Worth a watch if you care about the future of warfare. This is HAPPENING NOW.

Vysakh S (it) wrote: Although the plot is an uncredited rip-off from the Japanese novel "The Devotion of Suspect X" by Keigo Higashino, it's well-acted and contains enough drama and suspense to make it an engrossing watch and a return to the top for Mohanlal.

Liam G (nl) wrote: Set during a dark time, ''Benda Bilili'' manages to be one of the most uplifting films of 2011. Even though this documentary is set during a very dark time in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the filmmakers bring light to the film by showing us the achievements of the group of musicians the filmmakers follow. It is a fascinating journey that shows us just how much can be achieved with so little. One of 2011's best so far.

Alexander T (us) wrote: Aaron Kwok is decent, but i'm more curious about that hypnotic Thai disco tune in the movie

David E (br) wrote: This movie is listed twice on Rotten Tomatoes.

Pranav K (ca) wrote: terrific drama dealing w/ conflicting desires; reminds us of Indian values. great script and awesome songs; just a bit filmy.

K R (it) wrote: Kumai did a great job with Kurosawa's final script. Very romantic.

Porto S (ag) wrote: no-no-no VAL what U doing

Randy Y (jp) wrote: Decent visuals and big hudget, but seems like it is trying to be more slick than it actually is.

Ryan R (fr) wrote: Flat movie with little comedy. This movie is incredibly boring.

Westleigh Q (jp) wrote: I'm not really an Eddie Murphy fan, but you gotta give props to one of the all-time classic Buddy Cop flicks.

Josh G (de) wrote: Most anybody who watches Paul Verhoeven's early Dutch film Soldier of Orange today will have a hard time restraining themselves from comparing it to his last film (as of this writing), Black Book. Both movies are about people who have gotten wrapped up unwillingly in World War II and how they come to terms with their place in the conflict.The big difference between the two is that with Soldier of Orange, the characters are kept at a distance. There is a scene where a man is tortured with a water hose, and another scene where one of the main characters in this very long movie is beheaded. Neither scene resonates at all with the viewer, because we are not allowed to feel close to any of them.Part of the reason for this may be the hurried nature of the film, which jumps around in time - sometimes without any reference to the change, sometimes so often that even with title cards it is hard to collect your bearings. Characters go from enemies to friends in a matter of minutes, find themselves in new locales without much explanation of how they got there, and so on. It makes it hard to keep up. The movie's first half - before the intermission - shows mostly our five or six main characters living together and then reacting to the impending war. After the intermission, the movie takes a turn for the dramatic; there is a love triangle, double-crossing, action sequences... you name it.With Verhoeven's favorite actor, Rutger Hauer, playing one of the main characters, it isn't long before his part of the story takes center stage. His part of the story is basically about how he played Joe Cool throughout the war, hiding his near-sightedness in order to become a pilot and fight the Nazis on the beach. But, again, he's not someone you are rooting for, necessarily. His motivations aren't entirely clear and he bounces between women like he's in a pinball machine. Some of his friends have compelling stories, in theory - the guy who helps the Nazis so that they won't send his Jewish wife to a concentration camp, for instance - but those stories still manage to have little to no emotional impact.I wish I could put my finger on what the problem is. Why does nothing seem real or important? Although there are several deaths throughout the movie, there is never a sense of danger or tension. What could have been done differently to make this a better film?"Facebook User", 118 days ago, asked the same question in his/her review: "It is the story of people who don't understand the import of what is truly happening until it literally hits home and find that loyalty grows to be more and more of an illusion. Thus, it seems to aesthetically make a degree of sense for the story to unfold at arm's length, as if we can never quite know who will live, die or turn on us. But still, wouldn't this film be so much better if it did not keep its distance?"So, um, yeah. In the end, the most I can say is that Soldier of Orange is not terrible, but isn't exactly remarkable either.

Fran H (kr) wrote: Probably my favorite of the early, Sean Connery Bond films. This was one of the well done and serious Bond films, before the tongue-in-cheek silliness of the Roger Moore fiasco. This is Sean Connery at his best.

Paula W (gb) wrote: This movie also stars Lola Lane, whom they fail to mention