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Makibefo torrent reviews

Lotti K (gb) wrote: This movie makes no fucking sense. At it's as scary as my pinky toe.

Ramn M (us) wrote: con leer la sinopsis ya se sabe todo, historia muy pobre.

Karolina M (fr) wrote: es una comedia muy cercana a la realidad....

Cynthia S (kr) wrote: I was expecting the father and son to grow together over the course of their journey. I believe that was the intent of the film maker. I kept waiting, but very little true understanding developed between them. They didnt seem to move much further in their relationship than when the movie began. Not a bad movie, but definitely not very exciting...

Kevin L (it) wrote: Not flashy, a humanizing take on the superhero genre.

Taylor S (br) wrote: Slow but pretty good movie !

mama (au) wrote: unforgettable a must see over and over again

Edris F (mx) wrote: Amazing acting and great comedy

Logan M (ru) wrote: An excellent movie about the famous sergeant. It also poses strong questions for anyone facing moral dilemmas.

Thrse F (ag) wrote: I think Shirley Temple is So cute! Love her curls.

Marah R (ag) wrote: Emotional drama of self discovery and nonconformity with great performances and a truly heartwarming moral to the story.

Klaus K (ru) wrote: Auch in 3D ganz schner Schrott

Nick A (au) wrote: This is a pathetic excuse for filmmaking if it's even to be called such. Even by Michael Winterbottom standards, 9 Songs is grotesque -- and not because of the admittedly futile sex scenes or the sub-amateur concert recordings. It's so because the two aforementioned sequences literally compose over 90% of the "story," and the other 10 is wasted on ugly shots of Antarctica that are less interesting than the continent itself. At 66 minutes, this movie is an hour and seven minutes too long.

David D (ru) wrote: Delivers a pretty preposterous plot with just the right mixture of seriousness and silliness. A Roger Corman production, which generally means some degree of brilliance on a small budget. The monsters are the sort of men in rubber suits we had to settle for in low budget horror and SF before CGI but they are quite gruesome if not at all convincing. Doug McClure and Vic Morrow both give credible performances. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of this throwback to less sensitive days of filmmaking are the numerous big breasted girls in the supporting cast, usually clad in bikinis and shedding even these at every chance, who enthusiastically bounce in front of the camera. This is not a classic, nor even Corman at his best, but it is a true guilty pleasure.