Making a Living

Making a Living

Edgar English cons a journalist out of some money. He applies for a job at his newspaper. While the journalist is helping a trapped motorist, Edgar steals the camera with the picture of the accident and rushes back to the paper with it. He steals the headlines. A short pursuit with the police ensues.

An out-of-work swindler takes a job as a reporter. After witnessing a car go over cliff, he grabs a rival reporter's camera and races to the newspaper office to enter the photo as his own. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin S (kr) wrote: I'm a fan of Jason Bateman but you can skip,this one. There are a few good laughs but the story just seems disjointed.

Kat G (kr) wrote: Hilarious! Parts of it had some drama and sadness, but over all a funny moive with lots of crazy twists. Enjoy!

Lindsay J (ru) wrote: not that great, kind of boring. it focused on all the political aspects and that was probably a mistake. i have never seen so many soldiers not fighting...

Giovanni T (gb) wrote: 2 and a half stars for the script, half a star for effort for deviating from the usual Hollywood formula. I'd give it more stars but there's a reason why not too many people have heard of it.

Nisrin A (de) wrote: Val Kilmer's losing his plot! I don't understand why he chooses such sucky films to act in!

Michael S (br) wrote: Great showcase of latin jazz. Michel Camilo will blow you away.

Matt H (ag) wrote: Probably the first of the pot boiler "crazy stalker" movies that would become a whole subgenre in the 80's and early 90's. It's crazy to see a young Jessica Walter after having first watched her on Arrested Development (and later Archer). Her voice must have gotten deeper at some point after this movie. Eastwood doesn't do much with his role, but it seems he didn't need to because he plays it fine. It does seem an atypical choice for Eastwood, but I guess he was just happy to be able to direct it. As for his direction, its seems fine and serviceable but nothing special; which you can say for the majority of his directorial work. Not that he's a bad director, just not flashy or distinctive, which I think he's usually going for anyway.

Alden W (de) wrote: Hombre comn pierde el trabajo de su vida, y este tipo Emil Jannings casi me rompi el corazn. Creatividad y buena cinematografa de Murnau. Tiene final feliz trucho, pero es de mentira.

Ro C (mx) wrote: "Even though they're big and powerful, they're so much like us. We're vulnerable and we get scared. We need help sometimes too."--The whales are so appealing, and the fight to free them from their ice prison so excitingly feel-good, that all cynicism is put aside.

Greg W (it) wrote: Its downfall is its clich-riddled and fusty script.

Vaughan M (br) wrote: Not sure why this was not more acclaimed by critics. Beautiful scenery and a great cast, combined with an interesting plot and intelligent script. The character development was excellent. Vastly underrated romantic thriller.