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Making Contact is a new movie of David P. Schreiber, John Walcutt (original screenplay). The released year of this movie is 1999. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, such as Allan Arbus, JD Cullum, Robin Curtis, Gregory Itzin, Zach Johnson, Sung Hi Lee, Mitch Ryan, Jacqueline Samuda, Tom Verica, John Walcutt. There are many categories, such as General. This movie was rated by 7.4 in This is really a good movie to watch. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 0 minutes. BushCuLan is good uploader, she is very hard-working. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Awesome', so what is your opinion. Do you know what are users? ShinichiKuto is the best. I don't push my laptop screen. Share with your friends and watch this movie together . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Ali M (kr)

While Nick Broomfield was motivated by the tragedy of the deaths of Chinese cockle-pickers in Morecombe Bay to abandon his normal style (of self-led investigative documentary) to film a dramatic reconstruction of their story. has been highlighted in a number of films, including Michael Winterbottom's 'In This World' and Channel 4's miniseries 'Sex Traffic'. K. The dreadful plight of illegal immigrants to the U

Bily T (br)

5 out of 10 not a terrible movie but is not a good movie if you want to watch it I'd give it at least one watch before giving your own thoughts on it. I give How to Train Your Dragon a 7. Now if I would recommend you watching it or not is a really hard thing to think about I mean if you are a fan of DreamWorks you can give it a shot, fans of Dragons in general can have a go, any fans of the original book the film is based on they can have a shot too but if anyone is not those kind of people then this isn't the movie for you. Now that I've now finally have seen all the 2010 DreamWorks animated films I have to say that I find Megamind as my favourite from DreamWorks that year How to Train Your Dragon is in the middle and Shrek forever after is the worst from the year. Another problem is that not all the jokes were that funny I mean there are some funny jokes but not all of them hit my mark like how they should do but they just don't and I don't get that. But problems with the film is that the story is a bit cliched I mean not all of the film has cliches but most of the time there was some cliched. This film has a good story not DreamWorks good but just good, a good set of characters, a great set of cast members, as always for DreamWorks amazingly done animation, some funny jokes and a great soundtrack. How To Train Your Dragon is an okay movie I wouldn't say it's the best DreamWorks movie like what everyone says about it but it's no way the worst as they have been worse DreamWorks films before

Byron B (ca)

nominated for best picture by NBR and at oscars

Deenie C (jp)

An unsettling and disturbing masterpiece. If you enjoy "freeing your mind," then watch Eraserhead -- and most likely, you will watch it several times, gaining new and creepy perspectives with each viewing

Eric H (gb)

As it stands it's an okay action film, but it's the weak link in the Die Hard chain. As good as Bruce Willis continues to be as John McClane, and as fun as the action sequences are, it clashes with ugly cinematography, an unremarkable premise, and a VERY vanilla performance by Jai Courtney, with Willis often having to be pushed to the back. It really pains me to say this, but A Good Day to Die Hard is a muddled, frustrating affair

Hunny S (mx)

. . a very strange film

Ilsa L (fr)

While the inevitable comparisons have been made of this movie to "Bonnie and Clyde", "Boxcar Bertha" is an entertaining movie in its own right and is well worth watching

Joel G (ag)

Even though this film could've been the ultimate form of self-gratification from Clint, I believe this is the ultimate form of Art from a man who's had a career as hard as stone. He brought his entire career into this movie the action, the drama, and he even sings the closing credits; an ode to his career in Jazz music. It's a spaghetti western situated in Detroit Michigan during the year 2008. " I can say I've watched this film many times and it has made me appreciate all of Clint Eastwood's other movies. Also this isn't a white savior movie Eastwood, I believe strategically, has his character call himself the "White devil. This is Walt gaining a son who looked like the boys he killed in the war and learning to love him like a son. Not to say anything bad about his own children, even though Clint Eastwood gave his son Scott Eastwood a bit part in this movie. For those who don't know what that sequence of scenes showed, it showed Walt truly gaining a son who he felt a connection to. By the way, please watch this film. I will not speak on what happens next to not spoil this film for anybody that did not watch it yet. Thao thankfully takes this new motivation in life and works towards a better future. Finally, he brought him some tools on a loan that Thao would pay him back. And from my knowledge that is very hard to get unless you have connections. Next he got a construction Job with a Union. Their day's journey begins with Walt taking Thao to become a man by showing him how men talk at Barbershops, they used racial slurs in the nicest way possible to someone different. It's the day Walt gets Thao a job and some tools. Without spoiling the beautiful ending, I will describe the one powerful plot lines that take place before the touching end. Even learning that they fought on the same side during the Vietnamese War. After Thao's service is done Walt still keeps him under his wing as well as becoming more acquainted with Hmong. During this time, they grow a bond that Walt describes towards the end of the movie as one he's never had, a father son bond. Thao's Hmong family, who were so thankful, brought Walt into their family as well as have Thao work off the damage he's done for stealing his car. After that incident Thao rejected the gang and was put into a situation where he was saved by Walt, who scared the gang away with a gun. And if not for Walt scaring him away with his gun, the whole situation would have turned out quite differently. He is rather easily talked to by a gang into stealing Walt's car. Thao is a young man around high school to college age with no ambition or motivation. Now back to Thao's influence on Walt's life. And this car has been admired by many throughout the movie, from his Granddaughter to the gangs and everyone in between. The Torino was built straight off the line in a Ford Factory Walt worked at. This instance in the movie was due the fact that Thao was told by his Cousin's Gang to rob Walt's Gran Torino, his most prized possession. In one of the beginning scenes of the movie Walt held a gun to Thao's head, He must have had a flashback of the war. The truly amazing part of this tale was that Walt thought Thao looked like a young Vietnamese boy who he shot cold bloodily during the war. But his true connection is shown when he becomes a father like figure to a Hmong boy named Thao. When he refers to any white person he meets throughout the film he calls the Irish and Italian slurs. This was just an opening example that he had a genuine hate for everything disrespectful no matter what race. For example, his eldest granddaughter wore a halter top. His grandchildren showed little to no respect for their grandmother's funeral. The time is now, the millennial era, Walt is standing at his wife's funeral watching as his family file into rows with utter disgust. And as he gets old and his wife dies he loses the one human being who truly gets him, Dorothy. He worked in a ford factory, there in the motor city of Detroit, Michigan, inadvertently giving his sons a privileged life he can never relate to. They have a beautiful traditional life together and they have two sons, Steve and Mitch. He comes back to America and marries the Girl of his dreams, Dorothy. Fast forward through all the pains of war, a movie in and of itself. He lets the viewer constantly know that he hated it. Walt is a man who fought in the Vietnam war and killed many Vietnamese soldiers because he was ordered too and because he had too. And I must say again Clint Eastwood wrote this movie and directed so the avenues he takes to prove his powerful point seems bizarre in the fact that you forget Clint Eastwood for a bit and picture Walt. Each person he meets along the way helps him see the world he once knew a bit more clearly. Unbeknownst to him he will make the transition into selfless hero. He starts the movie as a racist old Polish-American man set in his ways. However, it's not just Walt that embodies this world it's also the characters that surround him. The character this tale surrounds is Clint Eastwood's character, Walt Kowalski. So in a way he made a movie about the world through Clint Eastwood's eyes. He captures you with the raw truth of this world in a way that you could never imagine, through the eyes of a racist old man. He includes even his whole life and his story into this character up until the closing credits. To myself, I just have to wonder how an 80-year-old man made this epic tale. And who better to play a racist war hero none other than the Director and writer himself, the legend in his own right, Clint Eastwood. What he did was make a fictional tale about the current state of America from the point of view of a racist old war veteran. Hell, I watched an 80-year-old Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry, take a bubble bath and I didn't bat an eye. Clint Eastwood has done something that no one has done. The film Gran Torino is the complete embodiment of a Drama

Katy T (ag)

And I love Lili Taylor. Stephen Dorff as Candy Darling is quite amusing

Kelly F (ca)

the kind you watch when you're working on a weeknight at home. nothing great, but cute. nice movie