Making Love

Making Love

A perfect typical LA couple find their happily-ever-after life broken when Zach confronts his long-repressed attraction for other men.

Although Los Angeles doctor ZackĀ is happily married to television executive Claire, he finds himself struggling with his increasing attraction to other men. Things start to get more and more complicated when a gay patient shows up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan D (de) wrote: This one is a bad...listen to the other reviewers and don't wast the time. The best part is Thomas Jane (curly hair) looking like a middle-aged Jesse Eisenberg. I have no idea how John Cusack got involved with this one.

David W (gb) wrote: An obviously exaggerated final installment of the Grand Master's life the film still packs more than enough genuine moments of drama and excitement to excel.

Timm S (jp) wrote: Dumb Kids Continually, Even Unnecessarily, Put Themseleves In Harm's Way..Once The "War Began", & The Characters Make This Realisation, Why Not Head For The Hills Right Away?? Weakly Plotted Rubbish. No Real Character Development..I'd Say Stick To The Book, But I've Not Read It. Going On This I'm Not Going To Bother.

Dhaval S (mx) wrote: Jst a time pass movie___can be seen with d brain aside !! But loads of comedy !!

Jesse M (jp) wrote: OHMYGOSH...i dont even know if this movie deserves a rating...but man it was funny watching the lame actors and crappy storyline

Ally L (mx) wrote: I loved this movie, although the book was even better. There were a few scenes in the book that they (for whatever stupid reason) didn't include in the movie, which I found to be detrimental to the movie's ability to accurately get the message across completely, but it was still a beautiful movie regardless.

Christopher M (it) wrote: Love this movie, even dyed my hair like his once cause of this movie.

Nathan T (es) wrote: Bruce Brown creates a documentary that's innovative, filled with tension, suspense, and a love for the art of motocross. The best movie of it's kind.

John D (gb) wrote: A little slow at times; redeems itself with powerful ending.