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Making Of


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Donnie B (mx) wrote: This is a fine film with fine performances. Really, there isn't much else to say.

Jack G (us) wrote: No, it's not one of Gondry's best, but so what? I'd rather see the latest quasi home movie from Michel Gondry than a decent but unimaginitive Hollywood product. One of the nice things is seeing Gondry letting his aunt tell stories, some more interesting than others, and exploring the slightly fractured relationship with his son (not to mention the very sudden death of Michel's uncle, Suzette's wife, when he was just in his 40's). It's a charming little movie where we're invited to come and look at Suzette, her life that was remarkable just by virtue of being a consistently good teacher to kids and a loving mother and grandmother. Sometimes, that's just enough. Oh, and Gondry creates one of his truly unforgettable set-pieces as he gets a group of schoolkids to put on chroma-key t-shirts and pants and just run around and play. It's like they're floating heads and torsos and legs! I love this guys mind!

May M (gb) wrote: I don't like musicals but I gave a chance to watch the candy-colored musical from Russia. There are so many problems that bother me in this movie that I can't enjoy it.

Zed L (mx) wrote: Standard mindless and entertaining Bollywood fare.

Diego B (au) wrote: a real collage, very funny, cute and very special, Seijun Suzuki directed branding to kill another spectacular film

Geer D (us) wrote: An outstanding achievement in animation and experimental storytelling. Half surreal, moving painting - half documentary, this short film explores the turbulent career or one of animation's most conflicted visionaries. It blew away audiences at SIGGRAPH when it was released in 2004 and I was blown away also. Stunning visual impressions and 3D innovations make this contemporary work one of the most original and breathtaking animations I have ever seen. No doubt, it will become dated as the years go by, but for the time it was released, this film expanded what artists and film connoisseurs alike had considered possible within the modern idiom of animation filmmaking

hannah p (au) wrote: why have i never heard of this movie?

Jess K (mx) wrote: It's foolish to still believe anyone out there doesn't know professional wrestling is a fake, staged and planned, but it's even more foolish to believe there is no risk. Wrestling fan Blaustein doesn't try to convert the audience, he simply points the camera. After an introduction to the wrestling business, Beyond the Mat settles on three subjects, best of which are Jake Roberts and Mick Foley. Whereas Roberts is a distant, scarred man, masking a desperation for approval, Foley is warm and witty, and almost pathological in his willingness to absorb punishment. Beyond the Mat's shocks vary from Roberts' stories of fatherhood, both provided to him and provided by him, to the pathos of Foley having his head stitched together while deadpanning sarcasm. As staged as it is, try convincing the children watching their handcuffed father repeated beaten with a metal chair that wrestling is fake. They won't be fooled.

Regan K (jp) wrote: the book is better read read readdddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marty A (ru) wrote: Me being a person that doesn't speed, never breaks the law and have no desire to own a fast car, this film is one of my favorites. I very rarely give a film 5 stars and this movie is one reason why.

Ken S (nl) wrote: It's a classic, but very dated. Some hilarious moments and some profoundly irritating ones as well. Stan Laurel is at his best when he's losing his shit.

Alex W (it) wrote: Took 11 years to grow on me.