Making of 'Devil Woman Doctor'

Making of 'Devil Woman Doctor'

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Sai Enterprise's Ginî piggu 4: Pîtâ no akuma no joi-san.

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Sai Enterprise's Ginî piggu 4: Pîtâ no akuma no joi-san. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ren S (us) wrote: A true story of love, trial, family, prayer, and faith. No matter what people may think of the movie it self, the fact remains, that every event in this film is true, and really happened. No matter what you think of god, the pioneers really did journey to Zion, and suffered great and terrible loss. In the end, something kept them going. Something or someone gave them the will to live, and finish their journey to Zion. A thought to those who are with doubt.

Adam E (de) wrote: ?31 Days of Horror (2011): #16

cable g (gb) wrote: This movie slipped thru my fingers too... but would like to view...:0)

Marianina S (it) wrote: it is a boring movie with poor story

BRADFORD Y (au) wrote: Not a film I will watch again --- except perhaps to see an absolutely gorgeous Halle Berry --- whose topless scene makes this tedious movie bearable. No woman can be THIS beautiful --- but --- she truly is. Oh --- Travolta puts in his usual solid performance. Jackman is credible. Cheadle is typically outstanding --- but --- wasted. Skip Woods may wish to leave this one off future applications and resumes.

Ada K (kr) wrote: watched it in 2007. it's the most unforgetable movie!!! need to find the DVD.

Lucy M (kr) wrote: The worst film in the world - without any doubt. An Irish freakshow with simpletons,bores, cliches and waynetta slob off the Harry Enfield show. I just wanted to die watching it - appalling

Arum Padma O (ru) wrote: I didn't know that melancholy could be told in such an amusing way like this

Conner R (us) wrote: I used to really love this movie on the shear fact that it included Dinosaurs. I think the plot even seems kookier now, but in 1993 miniature Dinosaurs finding their way to a farming family made sense. It's incredibly campy, but must be seen for going where Jurassic Park didn't. I really do love this movie though and its many sequels that followed.

Christopher S (ca) wrote: Early documentary effort from Terry Zwigoff is an utterly charming and engaging character study of a man too fascinating for simple description and an affectionate tribute to a dying (or more probable as of 2010, already dead) American culture. One of the rare instances where I thought a film was way too short, I could have spent hours with these people and their music.

Kyle D (mx) wrote: Is this the ultimate Kung Fu Movie? That is a hard call to make so I'll stick to the facts. This movie contains:Iron Shirt Kung-Fu, A Training Sequence with Walnuts, Sammo Hung, Two evil kung-fu twins who look like shirtless asian santa clauses, the "she mantis" style, and the craziest, out-of Left-Field final 20 minutes of any Kung-Fu flick.

Lucas Z (es) wrote: What a splendid film. A surprise gem of a documentary.

Jon W (jp) wrote: Weird and kinda funny cause of the low production value and acting. More hardcore and wrong than you'd expect, and just plain crazy at times, it's just not as well made as many of it's brethren. An interesting movie, just quite low on the budget side.