Making Plans for Lena

Making Plans for Lena

Ever since she broke up with Nigel, Lena soldiers on through life as best she can with her two kids. She valiantly overcomes the obstacles put in her way. But she has yet to confront the worst of them: Her unstoppable family has decided, by any means necessary, to make her happy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:French,German,English,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prayer,   dancing,   flashback,  

Ever since she broke up with Nigel, Lena soldiers on through life as best she can with her two kids. She valiantly overcomes the obstacles put in her way. But she has yet to confront the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily B (de) wrote: They butchered the first book, but maybe they'll do okay with this one.... I'll wait for video

Jbells16 B (au) wrote: Charming, charismatic, enjoyable love story about hope for two people in a hopeless world.

Steve J (us) wrote: Wow, another cheesy documentary. It's interesting in parts but it doesn't spend enough time on what's really interesting (the writing, duh!). Plus the music is just so strident and sentimental, it becomes thoroughly annoying pretty quickly. Plus there's a whole shitload of unnecessary WWII footage. We get it, the war affected him profoundly. And we've all seen the concentration camp footage, there's no need for that here. It just seemed kind of sensationalistic for the director to include that. It's just very middling and kind of trashy. Overall I'd say avoid it.

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Allan C (jp) wrote: Directed Cheh Chang, this film has to terrific martial arts sequences, even if the overall film is pretty corny. One man is charged with taking out the evil Five Deadly Venoms, all deadly martial artist who each have their own distinctive style, but who won't reveal that style unless they are forced. Also, the hero must team up with one of the Five Deadly Venoms in order to defeat the other four. The story is pretty silly, but the action is amazing. On the silly side, this film has more zoom shots than any other film I can think of in recent memory, the dubbing is hilariously awful, and the martial arts scene feature loads of oddball martial arts styles like Centipede, Lizard and Toad (or at least they seemed odd to my western culture sensibilities). While I did ironically enjoy those aspects of the film, they may detract form enjoyment for for non-kung-fu fans, but even if you don't like those elements, you have to admire the fight sequences. Definitely one to check out for 70s martial arts action flicks.

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