Making 'Taxi Driver'

Making 'Taxi Driver'

A behind the scenes on the making of one of the greatest films ever made. Filled with trivia, interviews from cast and crew.

A behind the scenes on the making of one of the greatest films ever made. Filled with trivia, interviews from cast and crew. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kamran M (kr) wrote: Clichd and a bit long yet It's Entertaining and Fresh . Thanks to the Wonderful cast and the Music . The Chemistry between the leads takes the movie to different Level. One of the best Rom-Coms in Recent times

Julian T (gb) wrote: This franchise needs to be put down and I'm a fan saying this. That being said, I'll be right there at the multiplex for part 6.

Brandie G (ca) wrote: is a great family movie

(kr) wrote: Well presented although Avantika's inconsistent behavior (of sometime as Indian and sometimes western) showed the lack of class of the Director

gretchen d (mx) wrote: Dark dark dark comedy with a few moments seriousness. A great balance though and the engery is never down for very long. Very well written and unexpectedly, well photographed.

Helen B (es) wrote: Ive just watched this film for the second time and although predicatable, how lovely it was to watch something that wasn't cruel with mindless violence and foul language. I loved it and would be happy to watch it with my children and Grandchildren. How many film can you say that about now? Yes its romantic, yes its predictable but it has true values and true romance which incidentally is very similar to that of the Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero two wonderful actors ....who are now together again which incidentally I think is wonderful. Be happy x

Allan C (br) wrote: The 1930s version of "Gray's Anatomy". This is the earliest hospital drama that I know about. It's got a great cast, particularly Myrna Loy, who's always been a favorite of mine, but the film is pretty dull.

ashley r (br) wrote: The pro0blem with a DVD like this it only makes you wanting more. While nothing to the level of Eddie Murphy Raw it's still a great 3 set collection of Bill Hick's comedy

Alejandro E (de) wrote: Elijah "Frodo" Wood in slow paced but emotive drama of a search.Deserves a chance an afternoon weekend.

Maarrk H (ru) wrote: It's interesting to see where Van Sant started from, but as a film judged on its own merits, it's just not really all that interesting. (Incidentally, New Queer Cinema, where did you go?)

Travis J (nl) wrote: It's better than the silly title, but not nearly as good as Leder's MY FRIENDS NEED KILLING. The only visually interesting moment is the climax in a room full of mannequins. Otherwise, Hall's performance and the unique subject matter (friendship between a crazed misogynist killer and an 11-year-old girl) maintained my interest.

cody f (jp) wrote: Great looking Anthony Mann western that Goddard said was one of his favorites. Maybe back then with 50 westerns coming out every year it was original,but I wasn't very impressed. Cobb and Cooper are really good in this, but everyone else is average. It's about a ex-outlaw,(cooper) a grifter,and a singer get abandoned by a train after a robbery. They run into Cooper's old gang and force him into a bank job. The movie does look great and at times it is very dark. It has some great scenes,but also has a lot of typical run of the mill scenes too. I just didn't get into the movie or the characters as much as I have with other Mann westerns.

Steven B (fr) wrote: Excellent film well written

Max G (it) wrote: A non-stop action/comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is a fun, action-packed thrill ride full of laughs! A must watch for Schwarzenegger fans and fans of the genre9.5/10 or 5 stars