Makkhee Choos

Makkhee Choos

A married wealthy miser, after being wrongly declared as deceased, handles greedy relatives, re-marrying another woman, his son's marriage, and his own kidnapping.

A married wealthy miser, after being wrongly declared as deceased, handles greedy relatives, re-marrying another woman, his son's marriage, and his own kidnapping. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jillian L (ca) wrote: So. I don't quite know yet if I liked this. For about an hour and a half, it's a lot of scattered time jumping with two unrelated stories. One of a woman in 1969 Paris taking care of her Down Syndrome son. The other a man in present day who cheats on his loving wife and basically everyone hates him except his new lover. Then, within the last twenty minutes, you get why they are connected, and essentially what this movie is trying to say. Which, I will say was interesting, but I think it came just a little too late. By the time the big reveal happened, I didn't care about the modern day storyline, and it all just seemed like a big metaphysical excuse to cheat on your wife. Now, all that being said, I really enjoyed the acting. I thought it was well done across the board. The cinematography was also really interesting. In the end, this is interesting, and will spark a few discussions, but I just wish it wasn't so scattered.

scott g (ru) wrote: a brief and interesting to watch romanian film concerning a woman, katalin varga travelling with her son, with a reason not entirely clear at start, but once film moves on, you see her motive, some really good moments of drama, especially from the lead. arguably the film could have gone on for longer, but for what we see, enough is told to make it clear and go away happy with what i seen

Pablo G (it) wrote: Stellar performances and great dialogue really help to sell the situation the movie presents, a situation thats amazingly told with plenty of gritty and emotional moments, making the whole experience feel very organic and smart and giving the audience plenty of reasons to look after new british entires in the genre.

Somesh S (jp) wrote: yippies... giving inspiration... nice style, excellent documentary

Roc P (mx) wrote: Smoke one and laugh your ass off!! Cold Crush Killa!

Ryan B (it) wrote: Very well done documentary. It was clear and communicated exactly what the scientists were looking for and what they had found. The animation with the whole rocket was pretty damn cool and that scene in NASA when they are waiting to hear back from the robot on Mars--WOW! Intense!

Bhavesh P (ca) wrote: Definitely one of the best movies i have ever seen after Company!!Pankaj Kapur's acted much better than Marlon Brando!!

Colton C (mx) wrote: Great movie! Solid acting and a big middle finger to the traditional Hollywood film format is great. Predictable ending, but I felt content.

Bester L (de) wrote: The plotline seems like Red Shoe Diaries bullshit. But the three leads are cast too unconventionally for this to be Zalman King-level softcore, and the script is actually not too bad.

Eric L (gb) wrote: While I was watching, I didn't really know what to think. I thoroughly enjoyed the casual take on nudity, but in terms of plot and story there was very little to interest me. This "day in the life" kind of filmmaking doesn't sit very well with me. Well actually it's quite the opposite. It sits and doesn't go anywhere. I watched the commentary by Paul Morrissey to maybe clarify some abstract concepts... no; There were none. It's just strict "day in the life." Lots of topics are brought up like abortion, rape, love, attraction and homosexuality, and the characters, in passing discussion, state their own opinions and feelings on them. However, the film isn't actually about any of those things.The whole watching experience is just like stalking someone very closely. The tone is incredibly non-chalant, and, according to Morrissey, this passive and relaxed young generation is supposed to be humorous in some sort of way. He says movies that lack whatever he thinks Flesh has have to make up for it with explosions and special effects. However, isn't Morrissey doing the exact same thing with nudity? If he was going for happy-go-lucky apathetic youth, he could have picked a really fat unattractive guy who sells his body to men. Maybe that would have been humorous. Maybe that nerdy guy who was looking for tips on prostituting himself would have been a more interesting day. Morrissey's apparently still developing himself as a filmmaker in 1968 so he can have a little slack.Anyway even though the plot was go-nowhere, the performance was superb. Joe Dallesandro has that awesomely reserved and casual take on things which was the only thing worth paying attention to. The old arts guy had some vaguely humorous quarks. But that was it.Still, it's an hour and a half of nothing worth listening to and body worship.