The title refers to those strange coincidences that happen to us sometimes and that seem inevitable, like a product of destiny. Inspired by the experience of a Canarian child victim of cancer, the film is conceived as a Christmas story.

Manolo's life is in crisis: his marriage is failing, his relationship with his two children is not great,and he hates his monotonous job. However, everything changes when Antonio, a 15-... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (kr) wrote: another nice heart-warming family movie from this cast about a dolphin rescue in Florida and based on true events

Farah R (it) wrote: This crime drama aspires to be inspirational but fails to make a good story great.

Carlos K (jp) wrote: Masterpiece. The most elegant camera movements of 2011.

Pavinder A (gb) wrote: It's tough to be a proud American after watching this one. It's a documentary about prisoner abuse in Gitmo, Bagram and the infamous Abu Graib. To think that we as a country stoop to such low levels is frankly sickening. I can't believe Obama hasn't put an end to this nonsense. People will continue to be justifiably angry with us and seek to hurt us... you wonder if we can even blame them. Only complaint is that it runs a little long... lots of overlap in theme and content.8/10.

Arseniy V (mx) wrote: A study of "trying to give a shit" and our relationship with it. People who try to give a shit, are often either painted as saints or bitter cooks. But as with most things, the truth isn't quite so set. Giving a shit is a kind of sport. In all likelihood - the most complicated sport there is. Some have more natural talent for it than others. But, by default, all players give habitually into counterproductive habits and reflexes. Ultimately, as with any complex sport, it will be mastered by those whose approach emphasizes levelheadedness and persistence. Much like White's HBO series, this is a wonderful examination of one lonely woman's early trek through this learning process.

Steve S (ca) wrote: a very well done story about a family trying to get out of a shelter and into an apartment on christmas eve. john leguizamo gives a great performance, as he drags his oldest kid through the city, desperate to find work. for an inspirational story, this is definitely one to check out.

Tyler J (de) wrote: What I Liked about this film is that it was very scary And It had a lot of loud scenes That's what I liked so much about it GOOD JOB!!! HAVE A COOKIE!

Keith K (ag) wrote: How do some movies get made?

Jess L (au) wrote: This is another example of a movie that really didn't need to be made. I didn't care about the characters so their whole journey seemed superficial even bordering on cliche to me. The situations they found themselves in and the people they met along the way were contrived and formulaic. The acting was average, Jon Heder appears yet again as a slightly spaced "earthy" character and Mila Kunis relies too heavily on a cutesy appeal. The ending is insulting to the audience, you know the two will end up together but the uncle's reaction at the end is nothing short of hilarious. He has a complete change of heart from his initial stance for no given reason. Incredibly average.

Michael U (au) wrote: I really enjoyed both the film and the experience in meeting the director and actors! The actors were believable, the musical score fit well, the screen shots had a good "edge", and the story was great. I wish it was easier to view in more cities.I recently watched it again and it was def. better than I remembered. Go see it.

Kat K (ru) wrote: PHIR BHI DIL HAI HINDUSTANI (1999) - okay...this is one of those really uneven Bollywood movies where the first half is way beyond silly and the second half is deadly serious. Some cute songs - some that are pretty pointedly anti-government. Always enjoy the chemistry between SRK and Juhi Chawla. LOVE to watch SRK dance!!!

Nick C (ca) wrote: oh my was awful hahahaha so awful

Sean M (au) wrote: A lovely, family film by incredible French director Francois Truffaut. Francois, a man who knows how to make kids cute and intriguing, makes a great film by covering the entire mood of childhood with the ups and downs.

THOMAS S (es) wrote: Well with this flim it just seemed a bit cheesy to me. all about some cheating mrs playing men off against one another. it's all been done many many times before in many many movies. the same old storyline....

Bob B (nl) wrote: Still by far the best Trek movie, even today. Some of the best music from the movie series as well with a great main theme, not sure why successive movies and tv shows never attempted to re-use any of it.

Ashley L (br) wrote: It's essentially an Australian female led version of Red Dawn, but that was enough to make me really like it.

Justin B (br) wrote: Gratuitously violent and uncomfortably grim b movie that's taken far too seriously.