Mala matura 1947

Mala matura 1947


This is the story of one boy's coming-of-age during the first postwar years, the history of his struggle for his soul, which touches on issues related to biology and politics, nature and habits, and the need for freedom in an oppressive system. A couple with two small children (Ludwik is fourteen and Hania is nine) travel from Lwow to a newly liberated Krakow. Ludwik attends a good school and quickly establish friendships. Before the 1946 June "3XTAK” referendum Stanislaw Mikolajczyk, leader of the PSL party, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture, came to Krakow. During his visit Ludwig was involved in a street brawl and consequently, was arrested. In turbulent times in which Ludwik matures, things trivial and silly still verge on the serious and the tragic... Before Ludwik and his peers sit the titular ‘mała matura’, (the exams that conclude the end of secondary school), they will be put to a maturity test, which they will have to pass in difficult, post-war times . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda W (kr) wrote: Lovely performances from two talented actresses who did the best they could with what they had to work with - which unfortunately wasn't much. Foner's vision of a story about young women struggling with society's Virgin/Whore dichotomy while portaying strong female friendships is a good one, but sadly, that wasn't the movie I actually watched. It just fundamentally wasn't properly executed, and that is a problem inherent to the writing. I still don't know what was so great about the guy (I literally already forgot his name) that both girls would fall for him, much less to the point one would betray their close friend for him. We needed much more exposition, moments to connect with the characters and like them before seeing their mistakes and flaws. In short, the movie could have done with fewer sex scenes and a lot more character development. The project definitely had potential, but ultimately a disappointing end product.

Richard M (br) wrote: My favorite kind of film.One that's unrelentlessly miserable.

Pan C (ru) wrote: Revenge blinds the consciousness of a human soul - it's a well-written, well-acted and well-produced thriller, but the director failed to make this main theme compelling !!

Edward C (au) wrote: House at the End of the Street (2012)Starring:Jenifer Lawrence, Max Theriot, Elisabeth Sue, Eva Link, Nolan Gereard Funk, Allie Macdonald, Jordan Hayes, Kristia Bridges, and James ThomasDirected by Mark TonderaiReviewFEAR REACHES.... FOR THE GIRL NEXT DOORHello Kiddies your pal the crypt-critic has a rip-off kind of horror film,that is literally like the other, I'll be saving your time by telling you this, It was psycho,it was legitimately psycho, there I just saved an hour and forty minutes of your time.Why do I do this? No wait, here's the better question do I keep finding pieces of shriek? Why, I don't get it well actually I know who's behind this it's that Netflix, they keep putting in bad movies on their instant que, yeah. But whatever screw it let's just get on with it.First off I don't even know why it's even called house at the end of the street cause it wasn't even at the end of a street it was in the middle of the dang woods. There was a psycho, a weed-whacker, and a dang rake. This film is awful and I mean incredibly awful, and it dissapoint's me because I was actually intrigued by this film, I mean I'm a Jenifer Lawrence fan and it was nice to see Elsabeth Shue again, it seemed to have a dark premise and despit all the crap he's been in the past I was willing to give Max Theriot another chance cause I liked him on Bates Motel, but good GOD did I pay the price.This movie is not only an insulting rip-off of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece Psycho, but it is ungodly boring I dang near fell asleep through about half this flick.This teenager named Alyssa played by Jenifer Lawrence moves into this new home with her mother played by Elisabeth Shue, she develops a relationship with this guy played by Max theriot, who still lives in the same house his sister massacred his parents years ago. And as the two of them get closer more unscary stuff happens and it ultimately turns out that the dude isn't what he seems. Wow I never would have guessed that.Since I would never in my right mind recommend this movie to anyone, I'm just going to spoil the ending for you because it was Psycho! It was literally Psycho, basically instead of killing his mommy or dressing up like mommy he's killing for his sister who he kept locked in the basement this whole time but wait there's more this film has to disguise the fact that it's a rip-off of psycho by telling us it wasn't his sister at all it was one of these other little girls that he was kidnapping and filling with blue contacts to look like his sister. Oh and there's also something about his sister dying on a swing set and his parents dressing him up like his sister when he was a kid and calling him Maryann and my GOD this movie is stupid!Jenifer Lawrence has made a good name for herself with films like X-MEN FIRST CLASS, X-men DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and that rip-of of battle royale(THE HUNGER GAMES) and it's far superior sequel. She is so much better then this, she was actually good in this but that's like saying she was the sparkly piece of corn in a giant Ball of shriek. Max Theriot is a horrendous actor( who should stick to television, he's better at it.) I think he was worse in this then he was in my soul to take which I don't even know how that's possible, then we go on to Elisabeth Shue, who is fine in the movie but is just wasted.The story is assigning, the characters even ones played by good actors are a joke and it's very boring and un-scary. The only scares are jump scares and they don't even happen during scary moments. The value just gets jacked up randomly now and then, I don't get it, I don't get how can someone make a film like this and expect people to be scared by it, but you know what I'll tell you this much the fact that Resident Evil:Retribution is better then this scares the living shriek out of me. This movie blows. I'm giving it one star out of five.

Almerry M (us) wrote: Ricardo Darn is one of the better Argentinian actors and so is this original Argentinian film. Original!

xGary X (us) wrote: Michael Moore once again takes on the capitalist establishment and describes how a system that once worked for all was perverted and resulted in the dumbfounding bank bail out scandal of recent years. Personally I think that the citizens of the U.S. in particular need to stop thinking of "socialism" as a dirty word; they have basically been brainwashed by their fat cat overlords into thinking that socialism is the same thing as "totalitarian communism" which is utterly absurd. Watching ordinary working class Joes describing Obama as a "socialist" as if a vote for him was like voting for Chairman Mao is frankly astonishing to anyone outside the American borders. Socialism is a system that works perfectly well within a capitalist framework and is basically just a set of rules organised around social justice and a fairer, more equitable distribution of wealth thus regulating the rich and powerful, preventing them from the wholesale exploitation of the lower classes (ie. the 95% of the rest us!). The current financial climate is frankly unsustainable and its logical conclusion would be the population of the Earth becoming the 1% of billionaires sitting in a nice eco-bubble of their own construction while the rest of the planet and its population rots away to apocalyptic oblivion like a old episode of Star Trek. It's about time the working and middle classes took the power back and realised that a vote for the corporate puppets that are the right wing conservative parties is like volunteering for slavery. Rant over!

Jorge O (us) wrote: Great bollywood film. Bad boys plus high school musical meet romance story plot. Great 007 action.

Todd S (ru) wrote: definitely could relate to the movie as a gambeler. There should be more movies like this

tassybabe (ag) wrote: its lovely romantic, funny n sad

Phil H (es) wrote: Now this was back in the day when Renny Harlin was still a reasonably good director of sorts, think hard. This was also a time when Geena Davis was still a famous-ish star with her own action vehicles, remember her?. For this bombastic pirate adventure she teams up with the American version of Cary Elwes in Matthew Modine and together they sail the seven seas blowing the shit outta everything...this must have influenced Michael Bay's little brain in ways we can't imagine, oh wait.So Geena Davis is the daughter of a pirate who betroths to her a treasure map on his deathbed which shows Cutthroat Island to be a treasure island. Guess what! off she goes to find this treasure with her fathers scurvy band of errrrrm...cutthroats, aboard her fathers ship. Oh and there are some other pieces of the map to find first naturally, whatever. But what pirate flick would be complete without a scenery chewing baddie to pursue the hero/heroine, I swear could this film be anymore cliche? (don't answer that).Batten down the hatches mateys...errr, etc...It strange to think this film actually bombed as it did because in all fairness its virtually no different from the now famous Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Yeah it is! take a gander, both films have plenty of massive action set pieces including sword fights, jungle antics and galleon battles, of course you have a wide variety of dirty ugly crew members, the dashing hero and the sultry heroine both of whom are a dab hand at sword fighting, side kicks, monkeys, treasure and various olde worlde nautical pirating names for things. This film plays out very much in the same way as the overblown Depp franchise with similar characters and similar visuals, heck had this not failed then I'm sure we would have had similar sequels too. 'PotC' definitely followed suit from this film I have no doubt, the difference being star power, backing and timing I guess as the plots aren't too dissimilar really. 'PotC' became a convoluted haphazard of a franchise over time, at least Cutthroat was straight forward.Where this film does fail in my eyes is the fact it feels just like a regular action flick that just happens to be set in the 16th Century. Davis the heroine goes around kicking everyone's ass whilst getting out of some of the most audacious scrapes you ever seen since Milla Jovovich went up against some musketeers. The whole thing starts off OK and you can accept the fact there's gonna need to be some suspension of disbelief required but Jesus Christ! things go from being semi reasonable to totally outrageous as the invincible Davis virtually back flips her way through the film. But nothing here feels genuine, you could take all of it and stick it in the present day and you wouldn't notice a difference, the period setting is just for visual kicks.Everything just feels so setup and false its terrible, the visuals on the whole are average at best. It all seems to vary depending on the scene, most of the port/building set sequences, either interior or exterior, just look like what they are, sets ready to be blown up, burnt down or wrecked. You can almost see the props ready to go, you can certainly see stunt doubles and safety harnesses. The location sequences do look good as you'd expect with sunny locals and they add much needed authenticity. Where the film does deserve praise are the well constructed ships we see. Now despite the ludicrous ship battles where cannons are fired by the shit load yet no damage is seen, the ships themselves do look pretty good. The highlight of the entire film being the moment one ship is blown to smithereens which does look impressive if I do say so myself. I won't linger on the fact that our two heroes dove off that ship just as it explodes which I'm pretty sure would cut them to pieces with flying debris and big ass splinters.There's no real tension or excitement because you know who's gonna die and who's gonna survive. The fact that Davis is the butch hardass heroine (not particularly sexy at all) and Modine is the weaker bumbling love interest is possibly about the only semi decent aspect in the film really. Modine has those classic Errol looks but he isn't the classic dashing hero really, he needs rescuing most of the time in a neat role reversal which sees him as the damsel in distress of sorts. I mean yeah its nothing major in terms of a plot twist but its at least something in a sea of cliched action crap.Most of the other cast/crew members are your stereotypical salty dogs, most have beards, scraggly long hair, some are bald, the token big black tribal guy, a bloke seems to have Maori tattoos on his face which was quite cool admittedly, eye patches, the odd wooden leg and one guy seems to have a retractable chain for an arm which seems out of place. Then you have the British who...well what do you think, they are all exactly like the British in 'PofC'. The only real stand out character must be Langella as the baddie pirate 'Dawg Brown' (yep that's his name). Now Langella is clearly having a ball as he chews up every scene he's in with gusto. It actually gets to a point where Langella is over acting so much, having so much fun as he growls, barks and roars with evilness, that situations become comedic pantomime in nature. Langella is virtually beating his chest as he looks up to the skies in one scene, its hilarious! but not good for the films tension really.This really is your typical predictable action blockbuster that doesn't offer any kind of real tension thrills or excitement because we all know the very obvious outcome before its even started. Its like 'Waterworld' in the sense that its purely and simply all about effects and big stunts yet nothing more, the whole film could easily be a spectacular Universal Studious live show (just like 'Waterworld'). At no point do you ever really care about any character or their adventure because its all a cliched rollercoaster, did you really think Modine or Davis' characters would get killed off? or any of the main pirate crew cast? hell even that little monkey makes it.This film really reminds me of the mid 90's and a time when very simple dumb cloned action flicks still got cinema releases (*cough!*...'Broken Arrow'?...*cough!*) . They were all the same kind of spiel but in a different location or merely with a new duo in the lead roles, same idea, new face combination. The plot and dialog is nothing more than filler simply moving us from one big setup to the next, and what dialog we do get is loaded with God awful snappy quickfire quips that make you cringe. The only one damn thing this film didn't manage to include and pillage was the most iconic visual pirate cliche ever...a parrot.'Bad Dawg!'

Steven M (fr) wrote: Excellent, and inspirational.

Elias H (fr) wrote: Definitely worth seeing because of the title alone, but the cast really drives it home. If you like murder mystery, whether by television or novel, watch this.

John T (br) wrote: ///Musical drama chronicling the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. I don't watch many musicals, but 1776 wss one of the best I have seen. Campy musical sequences and barely passable for historical accuracy, but the drama brought to life by a fine cast make this an enjoyable view albeit a bit long at 166 minutes. The cast skillfully brought the Founding fathers to life particularly Williams Daniels as John Adams, Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson and Howard da Silva as Benjamin Franklin.

Jim H (mx) wrote: A divorcee and a doctor vie for the affections of a young businessman.John Schlesinger's British character study is a slow-moving, complex story of human relationships and sexuality. It's a film that i should like, but I found myself waiting for a central conflict to emerge. Everything remained under the surface, in classically British subtext.The performances are all nuanced and strong, especially Glenda Jackson and Peter Finch who play overly cerebral characters; their best work is in silence, when they're thinking, processing, scheming.Overall, I wish I could say that I enjoyed this film more, but it failed to grab me.

Alex K (jp) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.