Mala Noche

Mala Noche

Mala Noche is the film debut from director Gus van Sant. The film portrays the unanswered love of an American man toward a young Mexican man.

A story of amour fou. Walt is madly in love/lust with a young illegal Mexican immigrant. However, the object of his unrequited affection doesn't even speak any English and finds Walt really... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vanesa R (it) wrote: It gets kinda boring when you saw it like thousands of times

Arslan K (br) wrote: I swear to god I will never look at Obi Wan Kenobi the same way ever again...

Rob A (it) wrote: Great movie!!! Mira Sorvino is hot as usual, great acting all around!!

Bridger B (ca) wrote: Steve Carell is very funny in this film. I'd say this movie was pretty entertaining. My grade= Solid B

Christian M (us) wrote: Probably my least favorite Sandler film that I've seen. Could have been a lot better. Just... blaaaah.

Chris O (kr) wrote: I love john cusack and tim robbins...this movie is not their best work, but I am sorry...I like it!

Adam F (mx) wrote: Even if you haven't seen the original "Assault on Precinct 13" you can see some spots where this remake stumbles a bit but overall it works pretty well. The film is mostly set in Detroit's oldest police station, the titular Precinct 13. It's New Year's Eve and the station is about to close down so only 3 officers remain on duty when some unexpected prisoners are dropped off at the station. The prisoners include a petty crook (Aisha Hinds as Anna), a counterfeiter named Smiley (played by Ja Rule), a dope addict (John Leguizamo as Beck) and most important of all, a big crime lord named Marion Bishop (Lawrence Fishburne). The weather is being particularly nasty that night so rather than risk transporting the 4 criminals, they're left at Precinct 13 until the roads clear up. Things become complicated when the station comes under attack. Whoever they are, they're organized, well armed and they want to get inside to those prisoners. The prisoners and the officers on duty are going to have to work together and set aside their previous allegiances if they want to get out alive.What works best in the film is the relationship between Sergeant Jake Roenick (Ethan Hawke), a troubled cop with a complicated past and Bishop. These are intelligent characters that quickly figure out that their only chance out of the mess they find themselves in is teamwork. While you feel that they never fully trust each other (and they shouldn't) they can set aside their differences until they can reprise their former roles as adversaries. Throughout the film they form a pretty good team, save each other a couple of times and you even get the feeling that they could be friends if it wasn't for the paths their lives took. These guys are more than just their basic character descriptions of "cop" and "crime boss", there's a lot going on here. Not all of the other characters get this much depth but when it comes to the protagonists, they're pretty well fleshed out and you do start caring for most of them. I'm saying most of them because some characters (I won't say who because that would spoil the surprises) make some pretty predictable actions towards the end of the movie. It nevertheless does a mostly good job keeping you guessing thanks to the conflicts between the residents of the Precinct and their assailants. There are some genuinely shocking moments of violence (the one that jumps to my mind is when the conflict is just starting and one of the protagonists uses a sword, taken from the confiscated goods room to defend himself) and the deaths are unpredictable too. There are a lot of people that bite the dust in this film but they come mostly in bursts of 2-3 people, not one at a time spread out through the whole movie. That's really refreshing and feels realistic.The script does suffer from its contemporary setting. They say that cellphones have really hampered horror films but a lot of thrillers also find themselves having to find an excuse why everyone can't just call for help. The use of cellphones, or lack thereof doesn't destroy the movie completely, but there are little moments here and there that scream "this should have been set in the 1980's!". Aside from a couple moments of predictability towards the end and a few irritating and contrived moments during the setup, the movie works surprisingly well. The premise is really ingenious and this is a remake that is worth seeing. It isn't perfect but it's a good thrill ride. If you haven't seen the original this will make you want to check that one out but this is a pretty solid effort and stands well on its own. Thank goodness for Ethan Hawke, Laurence Fishburne and a smart script that gets some exciting moments in. Check it out, 2005's "Assault on Precinct 13" earns itself a good recommendation. (Dvd, August 4, 2013)

Net S (gb) wrote: A twisted tale of rats n revenge! Loved it!

Oliver E (kr) wrote: A very close 2nd to La Strada. Apparently anything Fellini did with Giulietta Masina was lovely.

Calvin C (br) wrote: For a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, this is the darkest of the bunch. Their musicals have always dealt with serious subject matter, but I think domestic violence takes the cake. Ironically, the movie has one of the best scores and some great songs. I just couldn't get into the main character. I understand that he was a bum, but for Shirley Jones to be married to him frustrated me as a viewer. He was nothing but bad to her so the whole coming back to Earth and making things right didn't seem deserved. It's not the most fun musical to watch despite the happy dance numbers and clam bake. Grade: C+

Chris H (es) wrote: A rather generic and bland western that is kept interesting simply because of a well known cast.