Mala racha

Mala racha

Four stories are told by a man in the Casino. This four stories have only one thing in common, the bad luck.

Four stories are told by a man in the Casino. This four stories have only one thing in common, the bad luck. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trenton R (jp) wrote: There's no doubt fans will get plenty of fan service here. Plenty of cameos, plenty of homages and references, and the voice acting is A-game. The story however is pretty much setup from one action scene to the next, and at times the animation style took me out of it. Still I did find myself mostly entertained for an hour and twenty minutes. So I give it credit for that. 2.5/5 Passable.

James M (es) wrote: I already had the other cut of this movie (Hot Blood Sundae) when I watched this version, and having both is an absolute must for any collector of campy horror films! There was a very John Waters-esqe fun quality to it which I find really lacking in so many new horror films. The most stand out character is newcomer Bobbi Billard, who will we will be seeing more of soon I'm sure; she makes this film what it is. Without her performance this could have been another run-of-the mill over the top horror film (which are a dime a dozen these days) but she has a special, honest quality that makes this film worth every second. It seems that most new horror films are geared toward the teen crowd, so it was refreshing to have a more adult, humorous, vintage feeling film that was light years away the cookie cutter summer horror we seem to be getting year after year. I'm thankful for something new and fresh, and especially interested in the career of the breakout star, Bobbi Billard.

Christine C (it) wrote: cheap, would have made a better novel

Bruno L (au) wrote: Extremely boring! There are almost none dialogues and the plot is boring.

Allen G (mx) wrote: Completely outrageous. However, there's a courage here and you can't help but ask, when all is said and done, why aren't all films this much damn fun!?Whilst not all of the jokes land (though some of this will be due to cultural gaps, I imagine), there's still a good bit to find funny with this one. More impressively though, there's just a lot of elements to this film that are cool! Sure, this is adorably goofy but it's pretty serious when it comes to pulling that goofiness off- when large chunks of your film revolve around you convincing the audience that super-humans are playing football, you're probably not going to be able to pull it off (unless it's animated, of course). They pull it off here though- the school playground fantasies are realised here and, honestly, they're more impressive than most modern-day superhero action scenes.

Daniel T (kr) wrote: enjoyed it, nice & primal with peices of story telling, religion, war, gore & genocide. Kinda braveheart vs 300. And those Burmese still at it in Rambo IV. For me, a good oncer.

Angelo M (es) wrote: good but...predictable

Leigh B (au) wrote: like Luc Besson on super crack

David D (gb) wrote: Even though it co-starred Campbell, it could barely hold my attention. Bruce did a sweet job on his death scene though, I laughed my ass off.

Andrew P (ru) wrote: A guilty pleasure...or at least a movie I enjoyed immensely as a child. Ah...memories!

dinahmoe h (it) wrote: the armadillo scene is great!

Mary (es) wrote: I liked it, but it seam that all "Young" lesbians want to see this movie. It's O.K., but nothing that I would watch again...

Jeffrey F (br) wrote: An idealistic portrait of ronin, with kind of a Three Musketeers feel. Quite enjoyable, though I prefer my samurai treacherous and opportunistic.

Sam M (it) wrote: Perhaps unique even today.

Craig L (ru) wrote: Nice tense drama with great cinematography.

Emod L (au) wrote: D-The new ideas and visuals are aesthetically pleasing for fans of the original trilogy and the John Williams score is terrific, but the script, actors, and director don't inject the fun of the original trilogy to balance it all out.

Mike S (gb) wrote: Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis are fantastic in this movie. The plot isn't very fresh or creative, but the acting is great. This folks, is the only film where you say to yourself, "wow, Tom Arnold isn't a complete moron in this film".......but he still is a moron. I always say that this movie is one of the last movies where we see Arnold in his prime. Had a solid 10 year run making classic movies. R.I.P. prime time Arnold: 1984-1994.