Mala uva

Mala uva

César, vigorous in his 60s, runs a vineyard near Barcelona. The week he learns his vines have worms, a former associate calls: César is a retired hit man and the call blackmails into one ...

César, vigorous in his 60s, runs a vineyard near Barcelona. The week he learns his vines have worms, a former associate calls: César is a retired hit man and the call blackmails into one ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (jp) wrote: Gerhard Richter Painting gets low marks due to the lazy filmmaking (with the boom coming into shots) and is overall not very good as a documentary. It gets interesting in a few spots but overall feels flat. See Jiro Dreams of Sushi as a positive example of a documentary about a man and his dedication to his work. Note that this review reflects on the film and not its subject.

Julen M (jp) wrote: Los primeros 45' bien, luego se convierte en algo repetitivo y va perdiendo inter (C)s por todas las esquinas.

Samantha M (au) wrote: It was good but it reminded me of the hills have eyes

Uros T (de) wrote: Really good for all basketball lovers!!

Alexander C (it) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

Jay B (es) wrote: About 30 minutes of the movie are insanely fun and suspenseful. The rest? Slow and painfully acted by am annoyingly paranoid Pfeiffer.

Sylvie G (kr) wrote: Andr Dussolier est gnial.... mais le personnage de Daniel Auteuil est-il aussi froid qu'il est sens tre??

Phil G (fr) wrote: the first time i watched this on netflix, i slept through a good portion of the movie. the second time around, i watched it in its entirety and found it harsh, yet amusing. i feel that this film had to be character-driven as there were no deep storyline for any characters. irony, i feel, seemed to be a key for this satire of the upper-class family in this movie. as controlling as the family can be, i felt that a mishap on byung-sik's part allowed the story unravel itself that ultimate leads to eun-yi's demise at the hands of the upper-class family.

Bloodmarsh K (nl) wrote: John Cusack's lively nerd days are behind him, which is unfortunate. 'Grace is Gone' plays like a lifetime movie network flick - a lifetime movie about taking a road trip with the most boring people on the planet, and Cusack's character seemed to be borderline depressed long before the death of his wife. The real tragedy here, is how these people didn't seem to be enjoying anything, while she was alive.

Mark P (jp) wrote: This film has something to say about the film industry, but I'm not sure exactly what it is.

PY C (au) wrote: Absolutely hilarious, amazing cast, and just spot on storyline.

John N (br) wrote: The scenes with the Ouija board are good. Almost everything else is sub-par. I love low-budget horror especially when it's aesthetically captivating. I also enjoy an element of cheese when the gags are cleverly written. Is it too "elitist" of me to expect good dialogue and convincing performances in a movie with a few suspenseful scenes? "Witchboard" has some nice moments; but they are not strong enough to convince me to give a higher rating.

Panta O (de) wrote: I'll warn you first: if you manage to survive the first 45 minutes it gets better! "Youth Without Youth" is based on the novella of the same name by Romanian author Mircea Eliade and it was the first film that Coppola had directed in ten years since 1997's The Rainmaker. In this film you'll find a very personal approach to a barely known novella by Mircea Eliade, but also homage to Romanian culture and civilization. People who read the novella found it difficult and "anti-cinematic"... it's some kind of a meditation on time and the relation between human memory and identity. The major theme of the film is "la vita est sueno" (life is dream) but Coppola said that he made the film as a meditation on time and on consciousness, which he considers a "changing tapestry of illusion," admitting that the film may also be appreciated as a beautiful love story, or as a mystery. I purchased this DVD and was ready to enjoy the experience which blurs dreams and everyday life and suggests that through visual and narrative experimentation the main character has begun the search for new ways of making meaning, new holy places for him and for us... but the problem in enjoying that search process was in the bad sound recording - I'll say the worst in the 21st century! Mumbling of the complicated philosophical theories is not something I prefer when having trouble with the full story! Disappointing work from one of my favourite directors... two hours and six minutes long!