Bimba, a teenage temptress, plunges her entire family—including her widowed father, wanton aunt, invalid uncle and even a beloved nun—into the depths of sexual depravity. Is she possessed by demonic lust or just going through a really freaky puberty?

Bimba's mother has just been murdered mysteriously and the family is holding a seance to contact her spirit. As soon as the mystic finds her spirit things go crazy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Malabimba torrent reviews

Glenn C (br) wrote: Wonderful, wonderful film; in some part because of my stage in life. But, still a sleeper that shouldn't be missed.

Otageemeur L (fr) wrote: I don't know what to think of "Meet Monica Velour". In a way, it is not a great movie per se but it kind of have that little comedy spark that could make it a so-so movie. I think the principal issue of the movie is how slow it is and I don't truly get the main character, Tobe... He is just annoying and unpleasant. Monica Velour is just not as great as I thought she could have been... However, Kim Cattrall did a good performance on her character. The idea of the movie was good but the events of the movie are not very well written... A so-so movie in my opinion.

Jaxon S (au) wrote: A discrace to a once respected franchise lacking the heart or character of the last film. I look down on you Pixar for this one.

Chris S (de) wrote: This actually turned out to be halfway decent, even managed to suck in a passer-by while it was on. Did not expect to see Alias/Heroes guy play a role like that, but he played it well (as well as a role like that can be portrayed anyway). The story itself was at least a bit unique in the details. Tom Arnold's character was funny and the guy he was always hanging out with reminded me of a certain Sons of Anarchy character. And yeah, Vanessa / Odette Annable, hot as hell!

Matthew B (ru) wrote: A biopic about the all-female teenage band The Runaways, including Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Cherie Currie as they ride a wave of punk popularity to fame, while trying to maintain group harmony. This movie is a alright Biopic. I mean the cast is good in they roles I just think that the movie is alright.

Terri H (it) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Weeaboo G (it) wrote: One of the greatest films of our time. 10/10.

Jacob D (kr) wrote: Probably the greatest horror comedy ever made and probably the second best in the Corneto trilogy.

007 W (de) wrote: Superman returns is and will always to this day be remembered as amazing, but The biggest problem with this movie is that the script is just stupid

Naomi B (it) wrote: Fun and sweet, educational and serious at the same time.

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: Technology is developed that allows recording of one's entire life. Why? So that once yer dead your relatives can make a memorial film clip of your life. While not the expected use of such capabilities it's the set-up for Williams to play a man whose job it is to shape those recorded lifetimes into Disney-fied music videos (cue Phillip Glass-like score). Problems herein include the predictable privacy concerns, a dead tech wizard's possibly incriminating and thus exploitable past, as well as Williams own personally troubling past. It's not bad insofar as a interesting sci-fi idea explored goes, but somehow fails to connect. Williams, Sorvino and Caviezel all perform well for the newbie director/writer Naim who only lacks focus IMO., delivering a tale nicely reminiscent of 1950's pulp sci-fi.

Private U (us) wrote: Something about this film ...

Ray D (de) wrote: Okay, so when they're arriving in New Orleans at the end of the movie, the shot ISN'T actually of Highway 61 apparently, but the turn-off instead. It's still a beautiful shot though. One of the classic Canadian 'indy' films of the 1990's, and one that uses the road trip to illustrate perfectly the relationship a lot of Canadians feel that they have with the United States. About a small-town barber who is persuaded by a roadie-on-the-run to take her dead brother down to Lousiana for his funeral---most of the movie is spent with the two road-trippers in their car (played by Valerie Buhagiar with awesome disdain, and a very young Don McKellar with awesome hair), but the film has a very solid ensemble cast, of whom special mention has to go to Earl Pastko's Mr. Skin, a man who may or may not be the devil, and is chasing our two heroes south in order to get the corpse that they're ferrying (apparently the fellow sold his soul to Mr. Skin before expiring). There are a lot of very funny scenes in this movie---special mention to the Bingo Game, and to the recurring gags involving the van-driving father prepping his three young girls for a life of fame and fortune.

Jon K (ca) wrote: Frankie goes to Hollywood