A successful actor retires at a young age and lives in a small town with his deranged sister and his best friend. The film follows the foibles of its the main characters as they seek to resolve "maladies" that make it difficult for them to relate with one another and cope with themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Maladies torrent reviews

Seth C (br) wrote: Smart and delightful, Bad Words is a very funny movie. Jason Bateman delivers a fun and heartfelt performance. Defiantly not a film for the kids. The movie will have you constantly laughing.

Brittany H (ru) wrote: that sounds idiotic!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica H (ag) wrote: a great story with as much flavor as a glass of flat water.

Ed B (ag) wrote: Definitely very strange. But very cool special effects and Christopher Walken was pretty good in this movie.

Bern P (ru) wrote: "Stay Hungry and you'll taste life" I saw this in 1976 while I was a student in a graduate studies film class. Thought Arnold was hilarious and I've been a fan since. In conjunction with "Pumping Iron" I was blown away and mighty impressed when I saw the study of ballet and body movement as part of his craft.

Asif K (ag) wrote: one of the best movies ever made. i cried so much no one could ever imagine, amazing and shockingly superb performances by each actors. The most popular film in Indian history -- it's said to have been playing somewhere in the country every day since its release. A gem made in the 'Golden Age' of Indian cinema. loved it alot. outstanding.

Nicole i (kr) wrote: You Can Alter The Evidence, But Not The Truth.It's horribly disturbing to think a doctor could do something so terrible because, after all, doctors are supposed to be people you can trust. So to know that this movie is based on a true event makes it even more alarming. But, what upset me as much as the actual attack itself was the reaction of the townspeople and that poor girl's own family. People are so unbelievably ignorant and passive. But, this movie was executed well enough and the actors and actresses were pretty good. It's crazy what this doctor did to try to stay out of jail.


Frank G (es) wrote: Just Re-Watched This Terrific Movie. Only the Free of Heart Need Apply. Perfect for those that Love, Love.

Jorge O (fr) wrote: Wow. This movie was awwwesomeee.. It\'s a great film like all Underworld movies, but this one is just great. Action at all times, intense. It\'s just an amazing movie. The sound in that Imax was just amazing. Every little detail sound like you where inside the movie. This film was very well done. I have to say that the 3D was not as good as a expected it to be. The 3D effects are almost none. But the movie is still awesome. Specially in Imax.

Mloy X (ca) wrote: Collyer's Mother (Barbara Jefford): Beware of passion, Hester. It always leads to something ugly. Hester Collyer (Rachel Weisz): What would you replace it with? Collyer's Mother (Barbara Jefford): A guarded enthusiasm. It's safer. Brilliant! The cast were superb, especially Rachel Weisz who can make a character like Hester Collyer be infuriating, needy, and selfish one moment and then lost, vulnerable, fragile and sympathetic the next. She was absolutely enigmatic; you loved and hated her just the same! Tom Hiddleston was also wonderful (especially when Freddie leaves for Rio); everything that Freddie couldn't say in words, he spoke volumes with his eyes-- that was such a beautiful scene. It was interesting and refreshing how there were no clear heroes or villains in this film; the characters were multi-faceted and they were all flawed in some way, shape or form but all similarly trying to deal with their individual unhappiness the best they could. The pacing of this film was definitely a little glacial but the languidness just serves to enhance the overall tone of the film and each character's dissatisfaction with their lives. This film was definitely a bit more cerebral than most of the token-shoot-them-up-summer-blockbusters which tends to overcompensate for the lack of depth, content or acting by the enormity of the body count, property damage or explosions; this film actually encourages its audience to read between the lines, think for themselves and draw their own conclusions, instead of being spoon-fed answers.

Shane D (au) wrote: For some reason, the only thing I had remembered about this film was that it featured Van Damme doing the splits on his kitchen bench. I'd also chalked it up as being the beginning of his box office decline. Surprisingly, I actually felt like this was one of the better JCVD films post 1990. It's not exactly a classic but its definitely his DEMOLITION MAN (ie. A film that critics panned - but on retrospect - its clear the film was judged harshly due to the central stars fading public image). Plus, it also features Ferris Bueller's old lady surprisingly getting her gear off. That's a bonus surely. All in all, it's not as bad an effort as I had long believed.