The film tells of a young woman travels to Malaga to Barcelona to meet and live with his grandfather, a poor blind man selling matches in the Catalan city harbor. The young man with his panache and salt shines in the port environment dominated many young rogue like Martin, who falls in love with her, and love her is closing the doors opened she seeks to earn some money and try be famous in the art of singing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Malagueña torrent reviews

Liam M (de) wrote: Ti West returns; providing beyond a doubt he's the king of the slow burn. The Sacrament might end up being his least effecting film, surprisingly, despite its harrowing subject matter. For everything that works, something feels uncomfortable amateurish. Considering his previous masterworks, 'House of the Devil' especially, you'd have thought he could have ironed out these wrinkles. The Sacrament comes across as an interesting venture with powerful tension building, that falls just shy of sticking the landing.

Thaddaeus D (nl) wrote: it wonderful to true account of the young girl and how she was raised up during World War 2 and all that happened to her bring her back to her current character she is today

Gabriel C (br) wrote: Pelcula bonita para pasarla en navidades.

Quinn S (br) wrote: It's a load of crap.

tara k (de) wrote: this reminds me of hannah

Andy P (ca) wrote: Hate ranks beside Do The Right Thing and Mean Streets as one of the most brilliant and unforgettable pieces of urban cinema, boasting visually splendid cinematography and strong, effective performances.

Michael A (ru) wrote: Better than most of the slew of 80's slashers.

Steve W (us) wrote: Average swordplay movie finds loner hero Jin Fei "King Eagle" (Ti Lung) getting involved with a clash between clans in this basic martial arts movie. Jin is targeted to be killed but rescued by the villain's elder, hotter, nicer sister, and then they fight. There's literally no depth in this movie so its not up there with the better Shaw Brothers movies, and even the action was not memorable either.

Conor R (ca) wrote: The best of what the 80's had to offer! Back To The Future is a fun and clever film that focuses on Marty as he travels back in time and meets the younger versions of his parents.

Sgt C (nl) wrote: (53%) A smart, well-made loving spoof on 1940's films using some of cinema's most famous classic films with a fine level of attention to detail. It does get silly at times, but also a bit flat between the jokes, and the need for Martin to dress as a woman not once but twice highlights the general lack of good laughs. Fans of Martin, and the 40's era should give this a watch.

Dorian G (es) wrote: Classic! Bill Murray in his prime. Amazing story, scenery, and supporting characters. Philosophical too, digs into the virtues of doing good things, being good for goodness sake. Just lovely, and funny.Watched at Eau Claire with Clay (Flashback Film Fest), February 4, 2017

Isaac C (jp) wrote: Very funny!And still much better than Final Destination (Devon Sawa, I'm looking at you).

John F (fr) wrote: Pick up lines and relationships

Quinton F (es) wrote: A little slow at times but overall great acting and a good story behind it.