Malamaal Weekly

Malamaal Weekly

Lilaram sells lottery tickets and one customer has hit the jackpot but dies of shock upon finding out that he has won. Now, Lilaram wants all the money, and so does everyone around him.

Lilaram sells lottery tickets and one customer has hit the jackpot but dies of shock upon finding out that he has won. Now, Lilaram wants all the money, and so does everyone around him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul G (es) wrote: A huge disappointment!

Dennis L (kr) wrote: Brutally intense and well executed movie on juvenile crime and revenge. Non-linear story telling help tell the story and keeps the tension.

Leah L (ca) wrote: I wasn't expecting to like this, but it was actually quite good and had some GREAT dialogue.

Jessica A (jp) wrote: Honestly, Matthew Settle creeped me out... I wouldn't have fallen in love with a guy who told me that he's been watching me for years and is crazy in love with me. I'd have him arrested.

sean m (it) wrote: a gem of a film, strict and pompous school teacher falls for big burly tattooist definately worth the watch

Dan A (kr) wrote: You can tell this is based on a play, everything about it is very theatrical, the way the actors behave and the writing. But the tension steadily builds throughout and personally I was pretty fascinated with it all. The ending didn't pack as much of a punch as I was hoping/expecting, but overall it was pretty good. Don't think I'd watch it again though.

Ahmed A (au) wrote: A very underrated movie.

Lee K (au) wrote: Not bad, I like Richard Gere.

Saikat S (kr) wrote: Director's approach was simple and intimate, so the portrait of an obsession become so terrifying.

Kevin M (au) wrote: Unmatched in it's deranged silly lunacy

Brian B (de) wrote: Director Josh Logan's adaptation of "Paint Your Wagon" was produced when the big budget musical genre had fallen out of favor with audiences and does not meet the expectations raised by teaming two of the manliest actors in Hollywood, Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin by putting them in a big budget musical. In a energetic performance, Lee Marvin plays his usual drunken,but lovable scoundrel who teams up with Clint Eastwood after discovering gold while burying Eastwood's brother. Enter Jean Seberg as the extra wife of a Mormon who is auctioned off to high bidder Marvin. After a musical montage Eastwood also falls in love with Seberg leading to an odd three way marriage. The movie suffers from a hopelessly bloated running time (164 minutes!) and is filled with truly forgettable songs. The apathy of Eastwood's character leads to his being overshadowed by the charismatic, overblown Marvin. By this time Eastwood has established his tough guy persona so watching him croon lovesick ballads like a second rate Ricky Nelson is disheartening. Where Eastwood's singing has a thin, light quality that may be grounded in his love of jazz, Marvin opts for a less challenging speak-singing style that provides a mumbled rendition of "Wand'rin Star" that surprisingly rose to number one on the charts. Yes, that's right Lee F'ing Marvin sang a hit single. You would think a film with a three-way marriage, debauchery, polygamy,a script written by Paddy Chayevsky, and the star power of Eastwood and Marvin would be more fun or at least interesting. In the case of "Paint Your Wagon" you would be wrong.

Deren K (gb) wrote: Just OK by Hammer's standards, but good by horror film standards in general. It has obvious flaws and virtues. First, there are some pretty big plot holes (Why doesn't Dracula force the enslaved priest to remove the cross from the castle entrance? Why does simply hearing Paul calling Maria's name cause Dracula to abandon his first attempt to bite her?). There isn't really much for Dracula to do, and the effective atmosphere of the first couple of Hammer's Dracula films is largely missing.However, the film has many strengths as well. The acting is good, especially Ewan Hooper as the priest who becomes Dracula's servant and Barbara Ewing as the doomed barmaid. The scenes where Dracula "seduces" Maria are powerfully erotic, among the most effective of their kind. Veronica Carlson is unbelievable gorgeous. She ranks with Barbara Carrera, Ursula Andress, Raquel Welch, and Elke Sommer as one of the most beautiful actresses in the history of cinema. Also, beloved Hammer character actor Michael Ripper has one of his largest roles as the proprietor of the bakery/bar where Paul and Zena work. The rooftops settings are well-used and unusual (though certainly not unprecedented)."Dracula Has Risen From the Grave" is not in the same league as Hammer's best vampire efforts, like "Horror of Dracula" and "Kiss of the Vampire" but is well worth a viewing for Hammer fans.

Charles E (de) wrote: i like the creepy ambient of the movie. dealing with vudu , sonambulism and a nurse taking care of a girl who sleepwalks

Kristin B (fr) wrote: Fun movie, great voice cast with a highlander reunion. They all do a great job and the story is interesting and it keeps you engaged. I liked the animation style and story concept.