Malatesta's Carnival of Blood

Malatesta's Carnival of Blood

In search of their missing son who disappeared after visiting a carnival, the Norris family get jobs working at the said seedy old carnival, only to find themselves in a living nightmare with no means of escape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandra V (es) wrote: Immersive and exciting. Too bad Russell Crowe's look isn't that sexy.

Steve W (us) wrote: I didn't really care for the comic book this is based on, but the film does a better job of capturing the spirit and essence of the book's themes. The characters are brought to life very well, and its a quirky and funny drama/comedy/coming of age full of existentialism.

Christian H (es) wrote: Thai dark criminal comedy

Hans L (br) wrote: Up and coming girl gets into crack smoking and the cheesiness begins... The date here may be wrong; could be rerelease with Ricjard Roundtree's ibtro speech.

Rafiq U (fr) wrote: A really great film, just inventive and hilarious, and no matter what age Marcello Mastroianni is just the most awesome person on the planet. The film starts out kinda slow, but definitely ramps up and is entertaining to watch multiple times. It might be one of Federico Fellini's last films, but it's still great!

Henry J (kr) wrote: My second favorite movie of all time. PERIOD. I am Korean though :p A+

Kim B (fr) wrote: Ok this is like a chick flick in the 50s-of course I liked it. Some of the most beautiful cinematography I've ever seen of Italy. I loved all the women's hair, clothes, makeup, and apartments. So some of the acting is meh as well as the plot can be corny, but it is def an enjoyable Italy fantasy.

Diego T (de) wrote: Well-filmed, but I don't feel comfortable giving a fresh score to propaganda. Full review soon.

Ryan L (us) wrote: Paddy Considine's brilliant portrayal of a Soldier returning to his home town to wreak havoc amongst his mentally challenged brother's tormentors. With it's low budget look and very much in the ilk of Shane Meadows other works (made in England)

David L (it) wrote: Seemed like overkill to me, with very little payoff at the end.