Maldita Coincidência

Maldita Coincidência


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Carlos I (de) wrote: Whoo boy! that was ridiculous. Totally my type of movie, in every way, but it somehow missed the mark, unfortunately. Watching all the making of was a blast though.


Julie M (nl) wrote: eye opening view of how the media shapes gender roles

John F (ag) wrote: a star studded cast led by the directorial debut of Stuart Townsend is thetrue story about the 1999 WTOs meetings that were protested against by the people of Seattle. what started out as a peaceful protest turns into a 5 day war. Stuart does a marvelous job blending the real life film footage and the movie footage to make a documentary type feeling. the movie brings in the different story lines of the mayor, the police and even the protesters themselves. it is a heartfelt and eye opening movie that is definitely worth the watch.

Tanessa K (ru) wrote: My husband thinks I'm lame, but I LOVED this movie! It just makes you feel good and love your dog.

Kristin R (ca) wrote: It was OK. I don't really have much to say about this movie as it wasn't great, but it wasn't awful. It was just ordinary.

Charles M (es) wrote: Splendid work by all four leads plus a squeaking role for the lemming.

Amreen G (nl) wrote: an good remake! however the orginal is the best! vivek and rani look awesome and perform their best! awesome songs no doubt about tht 1 a cute story tht will always brings tears in ur eyes!

Olivier B (mx) wrote: Excellentes actrices, excellent scenario. Decor cool et fin revelatrice et inattendue! Un classique quoi!

Lady D (ru) wrote: Bought but not yet watched

Anthony V (it) wrote: Voice: "We've been expecting your call. Would you like to come in?"Jamie: "No, we do this my way. I have something you want..."I love every movie that has Melissa George in it. She is an amazing actress and I trust her. Any movie that has her name on it, it rocks! One thing that is so impressive about this thriller is that it has a steady dogma and it will hook you as it move towards the end when the kidnapped becomes the negotiator. Entertaining survival flick. Amazing Performances. A Fast-paced thriller that is well executed and gritty. 4 out of 4 stars! :)

Chucky (nl) wrote: August 13th 2009October 5th 2012May 19th 2015

Hanna H (mx) wrote: Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra compliment each other so well. Kelly is a freaking dance genius. I could watch him dance all day. And Sinatra's voice is seemingly effortless. My love of the two male leads doesn't overshadow the awfulness that is Kathryn Grayson, however. She has very poor stage presence and her singing (while very powerful) is unbelievably annoying. She also plays the stereotypical leading lady who can't think for herself or have any sort of personality when a man is around. Bleh. But anyway, I liked the musical numbers the best, obviously. They didn't really fit in with the context of the predictable story, but who cares! And sure it was a little long...but again, who cares! When Gene Kelly is onscreen, none of that stuff matters.