Troubled police detective Jack Lucas is falsely accused of a series of murders and must prove his innocence by catching the real serial killer.

Jack is police officer is blamed for the death of man after shooting in the line of duty. He must to prove he is innocent and the only one making him believe is a stripper. Will he succeed? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Malevolent torrent reviews

John L (es) wrote: Amazing show from the amazing Madonna, no wonder it was the highest grossing of the year!

Ben L (kr) wrote: I like many others had never heard of Rodriquez or his music. I was immediately pulled into his amazing story. My wife and watched the movie tonight and I've been listening to his music all night since the movie ended. Great movie about a talented and beautiful person. So glad that his music was discovered and kept alive in South Africa or I wouldn't have the pleasure of listening to it today.

Elliot P (es) wrote: I fell asleep. Take from that what you will.

xGary X (au) wrote: When a convenience store robbery goes wrong, a professional thief and his true love head to Mexico pursued by the cops, a pair of drug addled hitmen and his psychotic ex-partner. Original, Love And A .45 is not. But although blatantly pillaging True Romance, Wild At Heart and Reservoir Dogs, it's written and directed with enough style and understanding of the genre that it has enough going for it to make it a pretty decent blood spattered road movie. Gil Bellows and a surprisingly hot Renee Zellweger make a likeable couple and they are ably supported by Rory Cochrane's manic turn as the scumbag who's the source of all their woes and Jeffrey (Reanimator) Combs is clearly enjoying himself as the obligatory wacky hitman. The one handicap is its insistence on having wacky characters shoot up drugs and wave guns around instead of any real plot development which means it has run out of steam by the rather anti-climactic ending. The low budget means it's not the measure of a Tarantino or Rodriguez, but it's still at least as good as the likes of Kalifornia and Red Rock West and a lot better than the wildly over-rated Natural Born Killers.

Matt H (de) wrote: Has a larger sexual element than most of Eastwood's work (besides The Beguiled). Nothing highly memorable on display here, but a solid crime thriller nonetheless.