A beautiful housekeeper becomes a romantic attraction to a widower and his three sons.

A beautiful housekeeper becomes a romantic attraction to a widower and his three sons. The film challenged sexual taboos by presenting and mixing such themes as a teenage male sexually harassing an adult woman and her eventual rapacious response. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mirta N (ca) wrote: Historia romntica ...linda.

Psypher P (au) wrote: There's one thing obviously missing from this film: a laugh track. I'm genuinely stumped as to whether this is a 'straight' horror or being played for laughs. The whole tone seems to be leaning towards the former but when zombified cows start dragging people through car windows I begin to have my doubts. It isn't scary, it isn't particularly well made; there are a handful of nice effects but mostly the Zombies look like they've been dunked in porridge.

Chris G (mx) wrote: A tightly directed game of cat and mouse that showcases one of Tom Cruise's brilliant but rare villain performances.

Conrad K (es) wrote: I really like this movie, hilarious. Haven't watched in a while and needed to laugh. Felt it flew under the radar when it came out. Super slapstick.

Kurt R (gb) wrote: This is actually a good Steven Seagal movie, I found my self entertained. Although the usually "dirty cop" script is getting old, it did have a couple good twist, and the fight scenes were very fun. Also, something very unusual with musicians turned actors, DMX did a pretty good job.

Grant L (kr) wrote: This film was somewhat watchable but the plot was bland and the acting was too melodramatic although good! This is one of those ordinary romance classics that are easily forgotten!

Justin K (gb) wrote: A very engaging noir/thriller with great acting, story and editing. Demi Moore gives a great performance. And I love the editing for it kept you interested and transitioned perfectly between the confession and the interogation.

Ralph R (nl) wrote: "Ira Hayes.... Ira Hayes.... Call him drunken Hayes, He won't answer anymore. Not the whiskey drunken Indian or the man who went to war."

Thomas K (it) wrote: Over Long. Less is more. What can I say. There are parts of this film I adore. Kong pushing Ann over and laughing, is genuinely one of my favourite film moments. This film also features one of my least favourite film moments. The farce of the dinosaurs tripping over. Such a shame. Edit 45 minutes out and I sincerely believe we'd have a 5 star film on our hands.

Kyle M (es) wrote: A true classic. About as hard-hitting as they come; sober and genuinely touching. Don't go into it thinking of it as a classic, or as a reviewer trying to rate it, or anything. It's beyond all that. It is what it is -- a mirror. Approach it as a human being -- that's how it approaches you. Let it affect you (which it may deeply do anyway). The film is in my estimate probably unrateable, but after my first viewing I'd say it's either a 4.5 or a 5.

The Movie C (jp) wrote: Expectations were high leading up to "Invictus" and deservedly so. The source material is compelling, the previews were nothing short of rousing, and Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, and Matt Damon are some of the most talented men in the business. Unfortunately the finished product couldn't quite cash the check written by the aforementioned promise. The performances by the two leads are top notch but the movie suffers from an unfocused narrative that can't quite decide if it wants to be an in-depth biopic or a run-of-the-mill sports story. Freeman and Damon's performances may warrant a viewing despite these shortcomings but the overall package is a bit of a let down by Eastwood's lofty standards.

Jarrett G (jp) wrote: It's like they got the memo- 'in this Cars franchise, the 1st one should be a dud and the 2nd one should be much better'. They responded with- 'don't worry, the first one will be a complete piece of shit'.Now that I've seen this over a dozen times, it's grown on me; up from half a star.

Vincent C (it) wrote: Conrad plays a wonderful role in this movie. One of my favourite talkies.