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Ray M (ca) wrote: It's a terrible film. Even as softcore porn it still wouldn't cut it.

Andrew S (ca) wrote: Terrible! Even by a 3 year old's standards. Maybe if they spent more time on the characters and dialogue rather than trying so obviously hard to push their "people are bad" message then maybe it could have been a decent movie. Even my 3 year old commented on how boring it was.

Dillon K (br) wrote: While inconsistently paced, poorly acted from the supporting cast, and five minutes too long, Assassination Game does deliver plenty of action action as a thriller.

Pseudonym P (es) wrote: According to Wikipedia and History, In 1961 Michael Rockefeller went missing in the jungles of New Guinea. According to this film, New Guinea is the second most dangerous place on the planet, outside of Iraq. I don?t know if that?s true or not. You know Cannibals live in the jungle? Amongst Horror fans, every film from ?The Blair Witch Project? to ?Cloverfield? to the recent ?Paranormal Activity?, all get compared to ?Cannibal Holocaust.? Which is why this film, is the only one that matters. ?Welcome to the Jungle? is like a tamed version of ?Cannibal Holocaust.? So, DO NOT watch ?Cannibal Holocaust? if you can?t take this. Dimension Extreme?s line of Horror films has put out a few duds, but this is a gem. Two very different vacationing-couples, get a tip on the location of a man who might be Michael Rockefeller. Well you know we got to go search for him. Shot with a Canon XL2 (The same camera ?28 Days Later? was shot with), Director Jonathan Hensleigh takes the whole ?shaky-cam,? ?this film is being shot by the characters style,? to a whole new level.

KaliNMike E (es) wrote: There were two excellent quotes, a strong beginning and a powerful ending. But the middle made me sick to my stomach. There are other ways to truly portray application of Christ's atonement in our lives (doesn't need to focus the heavy drama on LDS missionaries messing up AGAIN). Some people may not have much exposure to the church beyond the media and may take the word of a LDS producer/writer/director as a true portrayal of most missionaries). So why would we under-represent good/hard working missionaries and focus on the miserable minority of missionaries? Whenever I watch movies like this, I think of how it portrays the church to the world. I think that's why movies the church officially puts out are so different from this one. They don't focus on the negative, but the positive. Don't glorify the sin and spend 5 minutes really delving into the redemption.

Billy G (au) wrote: Comedy is an about making you laugh. How many times you laugh is how you determine if it's a good movie or not. A movie can be dumb and hilarious at the same time. This is a dumb movies but funny therfore making it a good comedy movie.

Alex V (de) wrote: this is xmas! melody just fantastic. i love it

Chris W (fr) wrote: recommended by rthornhill

yuan m (fr) wrote: I love Prison Break, the series, by Scheuring...

Josas G (br) wrote: La recordaba mejor de mi infancia ahora que la vuelvo a ver veo la basura que es, Ninjas con resortera y efectos sonoros de orquesta en cada golpe escenas y dilogos absurdos? vaya por dios que lo tiene todo para ser un bodrio de pelcula.

Kevin B (nl) wrote: Just wasn't as funny as Friday, Chris Tucker didn't appear in this sequel and it suffered for it.

Iain B (it) wrote: For a while I was intrigued to see where this film went... But then I lost interest, 38 mins binned

Barney o (kr) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Zack Snyder's 'Watchmen' is appealing for a number of reasons, but what makes it stand out amongst his filmography is how appropriately silly it is. Indeed unlike some of his more "ambitious" efforts, there's no over-egging going on here, and you get the sense it doesn't take itself too seriously for its level of sophistication. As such, when Snyder does introduce themes in such a juvenile manor, it flips by in the quirky way you feel it's designed to, as opposed to a way that shoves it down your throat with a very serious-looking mallet. Outside of that though, what makes the whole experience not only bearable but also rather successful is the characterisation, as these are genuinely human, occasionally amusing and often layered individuals who you can actually form attachments to. Couple that with some goofy visuals and an iconic style and you've got yourself a film that you can most definitely smile at, if not largely enjoy.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Unfortunately, the amount of things Snyder tries to cram in here make it rather lengthy and extremely convoluted, and the way he delivers his themes is rather oddly comparable to the plot of 'Mamma Mia' - constantly going out of its way to allow characters to literally talk about the themes he wants to discuss, as opposed to letting it all organically flow and consequently play out properly. He may as well have let them sing about it.VERDICT: Snyder forces a narrative from getting characters to talk about the things he wants, but at least this time it's done in a way that will have you smiling rather than sleeping.