A complex and enigmatic plot that evokes the life of Bachmann. The story develops around an unusual triangular relationship, a threesome between a woman of unknown name, a man named Malina and a Hungarian, Ivan, with whom she falls in love. Ivan will be his last great love, but their need for exclusivity in love is so strong that it can not be understood or matched. Malina is a struggle, a confrontation between two worlds strange and hostile.

A female writer and her relationships with two different men, one joyous and one introverted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AnnaShea B (it) wrote: The first 30 minutes are laughable - It rushes into this unstable plot, with the stereo typical scary movie "shockers." Old friend dies with a secret. Find a body. Explore an old building. Have flashbacks, etc. Give me something new.

Eric A (jp) wrote: Mostly competent direction and writing, though occasionally undermined by bits of irritating exposition, for an exceedingly competent cast -- particularly the always-excellent Peter Sarsgaard and Chloe Sevigny, as well as a a brief-but-great dramatic turn by Hank Azaria -- highlight a compelling examination of one of journalism's biggest scandals.

Graham B (jp) wrote: Investigative documentary maker Nick Broomfield looks into the murders of the gangster rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. What would look like a retaliation killing, seemingly appears to be much more. Broomfield interviews various people involved in the investigation that never really happened and tries to draw his own conclusion.Similar to the Kurt & Courtney documentary, what he delivers is mostly interesting speculation and the story remains very inconclusive. Also he doesn't actually uncover anything that hasn't been stated already. It feels like a topic he just lost interest in due to not coming up with anything new.

Fahad A (de) wrote: Hot chicks stealing cars, that's all I need ;)

Robert C (de) wrote: I really dig this film a lot. It's not for everyone.

peter h (it) wrote: Good God someone actally made a sci-fi film worse than SPACE MUNINTY and it's simply called LASERBLAST. Holy crap sitting through this film felt like viewing any film by Coleman Francis (BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS, THE SKYDIVERS OR RED ZONE CUBA), infact it fits Francis mold for a film , its set in the desert , with a small aircaft flying over head and its dull as hell. The only diffrence its in colour and there are explosions but that dose not stop its boredom factor. Ok the plot involes a teenage kid called billy finding a alein laser in the middle of the desert but as soon as he starts to use the wepon he starts to turn into a monster. Before to long the stop motion turtle aliens discover they have left their laser on earth, ok this dosen't sound dull but this overall plot summary takes up only 20% of the film the other 80% is nothing but pointless sences like billy getting a coke out of an old school vending machine. 10/100 coleman francis will be proud of this horrible film

Aj V (gb) wrote: This sequel is so bad it's good! I thought it was hilarious, there are so many funny scenes, I loved it. Check it out for yourself.

Tanya L (es) wrote: i hen't seen this movie but i just saw last week or 2 a movie of his called jack hunter and the lost treasure of ugarti . sort of an indy jones movie he looks so good in black hair slicked back

Henrik S (ca) wrote: Another SyFY Trash Galore. This time, the setting almost works. A Haunted High school overrun by bloodthirsty ghosts kind of reminds me of a gory Scooby Doo episode. Alas, the two main antagonist are not very interesting. I always found that, in order to be truly relatable as tangible horror, the ghosts / spirits / monsters etc. still not to adhere to (quoted by C. Carter) "realms of extreme possibility" instead of a Lovecraftian uber-capability of doing pretty much anything all the time and still fail to prevent their certain demise. The cast is not as bad as in most SyFy entries, mainly due to the fact the young kids in this film do not seem to think of themselves as serious actors in the first place, so you won't experience any talentless nitwits trying to pull of a Shakespearean performance while they are haunted by fat ghost with a giant mustache.All in all, a good ghost movie, quite haunting and not as bad as some of the rest.