Malcom's done with his life. Only the noise of Crystal Meth gives him a reason to keep going - everything else it has long regardless. Equipped with a bag full of weapons and self-made bombs, he makes his way to the nearby mall to really stir things up. On his personal war campaign, he not only changes his life radically, but also the fate of other people who are in the wrong place at the same time: a teenager whose favorite pastime is smoking pot in his dreary existence, a housewife, where their best days have been left behind, a greedy businessman whose only desire is to increase his wealth and a depressed pervert.

The lives of five disaffected suburbanites come together at a shopping mall in the wake of one man's shooting spree. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mall torrent reviews

David H (mx) wrote: Silly movie. Dax and Kristen are funny. Raunchy. Very violent.

Jeffrey P (ag) wrote: Whether she is innocent or guilty is still unclear. A vivid picture of the consequences of drug smuggling.

Pawel B (us) wrote: Light movie about everyday life. Not too much thinking needed but worth seeing.

Craig P (kr) wrote: I'd had my eye on this film for ages, simply because, if you look closely at Wesley Snipes on the cover, he looks REALLY BORED. For that reason alone, I just had to check it out. SHIT. ON. MY. LIFE. There was supposed to be 'sexual chemistry' between Wesley and Tamsin, but the whole thing was a big pile of titsyshit. All I could think was 'Wesley, what have you done!!?', and afterwards I had an overwhelming urge to have a bath, or at least a good scrub. I give it one star just for the randomness of seeing Tamsin Outhwaite in an action film.

Matt B (gb) wrote: Excellent film. Recommended if you don't mind subtitles.

Leo K (ca) wrote: Dramatic. Lots of drama. Ali definitely had a mouth piece on him, which gave viewers a great show. Also motivational at times, but not too much. Generally a good story, despite the over-dramatization.

Cynthia S (it) wrote: A charming film that demonstrates the true meaning of friendship, love, acceptance, and forgiveness. A warm, and truly funny comedy with excellent acting, and pacing. Very enjoyable, and smart.

Karine M (it) wrote: le bon comme le meilleur se m (C)langent ... au final plutot d (C)cevant

PlatinumGlitchMint P (es) wrote: This film is as lazy as a low-budget film can get, but this is just sad. Stock foodage, poorly acted characters, this film has it all... unfortunately.

Michael L (de) wrote: A middling buddy/comedy/caper flick.

Peter F (gb) wrote: One of Godard's most melancholic films, which isn't necessarily attractive giving how the director is well regarded as being one of the most playful of the French New Wave. At times the film feels unnecessarily melodramatic, and the repetitive score verges on being annoying. Still, Contempt is a very admirable film that looks into the dire failures of a marriage, all while transfixed upon a more interesting theme: the loss of artistry through the studio process. Godard's directing style captivates, even if he arguably made more memorable images in black and white, and his quartet of leads all seem to understand how his style works (casting director Fritz Lang to play a fictionalized version of himself didn't hurt either). Not Godard's best, but Contempt is a film that's strengths couldn't be unlocked by any other director.

Ron B (nl) wrote: Who doen't love a chimp trying to act like a good boy?

Marieve (nl) wrote: It seems to be a musical comedy, and i love this kind of movies...but i can't to be sure of it, because there' NO DESCRIPTION about it.

Burcu S (nl) wrote: ok tatliydi daha ne olsun 5 gnde ekilmis. jim jarmusch da var.. coffee & cigarettes reklamini yapmis filmde.